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    The Planets, The Vickers Viscount, Classic Cars, [removed word] :)
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    uk essex southend on dull and to bright

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  1. ed1808

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    A nice ballanced mix of scopes and food... ?
  2. ed1808

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Just a quick thankyou to some great people for blowing my mind away and forcing me to buy many new toys ? havnt decided what yet but hey. Cheers ColinD & KerryLewis & Tich & Mr landrover man (sorry im Rubbish i no) Mrs Ed says hi also. And iv just seen myself in Tichs video so that it im on a diet!
  3. Wow Hi all i have so much to learn lol
  4. Hi all stumbled across your ickle world while looking for my first real Telescope. so who am i ?, well im a nearly 50 yr man who has always loved the planets and stars. i can remember watching the moon landings vaguely although as to what ones im not sure lol. Im currently going through a midlife crisis and so thought it was about time i put some time into my love of our solar system. Just booked a place at the star gazers meet. Im Fat Im 50 almost Im currently awaiting a report about a cyst in my human head. (yuk) i used to repair aircraft mainly the Vicers Viscount (i want my youth back plea
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