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    north london......cyprus
  1. Hi, I had the SW on Astro Buy and Sell, had a contact this afternoon and he has confirmed he wants, there were 2 other's on if you care to look.....Regards Ray

  2. polydoros

    Skywatcher Star Adventure/Sold

    Hi Tinker1947 I'm going to Greece and this sounds like a good deal. Any chance of some pic Thanks
  3. polydoros

    Is 450d any good to start with?

    Hi Marc I have a 450 and 1100 both unmodded , in my opinion the 450 is better , somehow the 1100 feels and seems not as dynamic and as the colours seem thin, sorry if this don't sense but like i said just my opinion. poly
  4. polydoros

    Astrofest-You can't please everyone

    I totally agree. Poly
  5. polydoros

    B33 - A Slightly Different Horse

    I like this, it seem's to have more clarity than red.
  6. polydoros

    B33 Horsehead nebula

    Spikey, I would be very happy if mine came out like your's, unmodded aswell. Great Image.
  7. polydoros

    M42 and Running Man December 2011

    Carole, the first thing my eye's went to was the ruunning man. Fantastic. You got me thinking now to mod the 1000d. Poly
  8. :eek:No darks, flats, bias.....wow man.
  9. Thank you sgl thats great news, all my signature except one was bought here.
  10. polydoros

    Space Snack Anyone?

    :happy3:What a lovely man, I think he gets funnier every year.
  11. polydoros

    North America-Pelican Deep & Wide!

    Stunning, I hope you live forever.
  12. polydoros

    SGL6 - The Preview

    Fantastic, I can't wait. This will be my first star party and I've never been camping. But I look forward to meeting so many of you here on this forum. Man this is exciting:D
  13. polydoros

    Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Hi Gary, Welcome to sgl.
  14. polydoros

    NGC 7000 wall in narrow band

    Bravo martin.

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