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  1. Thanks, everyone. It's funny I never really noticed it before, but this time when I was observing it just stood out.
  2. I took this pic of the moon 2 nights ago using a Sony Nex6 attached to a Skywatcher Virtuoso 90mm Cassesgrain. In the 1st pic I circled an area of the lunar surface that I never really noticed before and I cant seem to find on google. It almost looks like 2 craters landed near each other or overlapped forming a "S" or '8." Does anyone know the names of these craters? Thanks.
  3. Thank you @laudropb My goal is to take a picture of the moon every night for an entire moon phase (Obviously, not new moon when you cant see it. lol.)... but the weather hasn't allowed me to this. A couple months ago I was able to get about 2 weeks of shots straight and then right after the full moon, there were clouds for a week and I got nothing. lol
  4. It was cloudy all last night and not a trace of the moon. Right before I was going to bed I peeked out the window...and there she was in all her glory shining bright. So I quickly ran outside with my Celestron Nexstar 102GT and Nikon D3100 and took a few pics. Here is one of the frames. I did some processing in lightroom. Funny thing is, as soon as I took a few pictures....I went to take another and all I saw was darkness...the clouds were back.... so I'm really happy the timing just worked out right for this pic.
  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. In about a month, I'll be celebrating my "one year anniversary" of discovering my love for astronomy and astrophotography. I'm so happy I can capture an image like this and share it. One year ago today I didn't know what end of a telescope was the front and which was the back and my first moon shot took me forever to capture. I'm glad you all like this. Thank you all for posting your pics on this website as well. While I am inspired by the sky, I am also inspired by your comments and pictures...so thank you.
  6. Took this around 4:30 pm earlier today. I was surprised to see the moon so high so early. This is 5 frames stacked using PIPP and Autostakkert AS!2. Celestron Nexstar 102GT, Nikon D3100, ISO 100 Shutter Speed 1/125, Processed in Lightroom.
  7. I took a picture of the 2/12 waxing crescent moon (Canon XSi) and used Photoshop and Lightroom to create this heart for Valentine's Day. I layered in pictures I took of flowers awhile back. Just trying to do something a little bit different today.
  8. For fun, I decided to take pictures of tonight's moon using 5 cameras I own from compact to DSLR. I used Lightroom for all pics. I only used a telescope for the 6th picture. I tried to set ISO, Shutter speed, white balance and aperture settings as close as possible. Here's what I came up with.
  9. boxtko

    Lunar X?

    Awwww. Thanks for telling me. I thought maybe I just lucked out and saw it by chance. I was actually observing Jupiter and as I was putting the telescope away I decided to take a quick look at the moon and the X just stood out.
  10. boxtko

    Lunar X?

    Thank you. I'll check that out.
  11. boxtko

    Lunar X?

    sorry not last night. two nights ago.
  12. I've never been able to find Lunax X before. Last night, I wasn't looking for it. As soon as I looked in the eyepiece though, I noticed an X along the terminator. So I attached my camera and took pics hoping maybe I could get a confirmation. The pic didn't come out how I wanted it to because of the movement. (no tracking device.) I used a Nikon D3100 and processed in Lightroom.
  13. awesome pid! Im gonna look for that crater next time I observe the moon.
  14. I love it! You sure you don't live on the ISS and took a pic of Earth? Seriously though, it's amazing.. especially for your first time using a DSLR! Thanks for sharing!
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