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  1. A Focal Single Shot Olympus EM-10 Sigma 19mm f2.8 Orion 25mm EP 2X barlow Orion Starblast 6
  2. I am currently using a typical filter for Lunar Viewing. Celestron moon filter . Not VERY impressive. It is generally too dark , and the detail is weak. I get much better results with No Filter . Is there another option ? Thanks very much in advance
  3. Mirror less EM-10 Sigma 19mm and 20 lb lens ( Orion Starblast 6 ) Mare Imbrium Mare Serenitatis and Apollo 15 Base ( ed Square )
  4. I am really impressed with my inexpensive Celestron Cometron 7 x 35 The moon was low to the horizon .The image was clear and sharp with NO light flares . The Craters and Mares were very visible at only 7 X Stars are sharp and clear. Perfect for scanning Bang for the Buck 10/10 just my 2 cents No I do not work for Celestron
  5. I tested out the EP last night on some double stars and clusters , My favorite M 45 Pleiades was very sharp . They also all looked a little cleaner I am definitely NOT disappointed Thanks every one again .
  6. Thank you all for the nice comments
  7. Afocal EPL-5 Sigma 19mm Skyblast 6 Single jpg shot Just the way I like it. SIMPLE My original Image is not this noisy . resize for posting and Photo bucket kills the IQ
  8. I have a Starblast 6 First of all I am new to astronomy ( 2 months ) and am happy with the Starblast 6 IMO. the Orion kit eyepieces are Good. They also have a lot of good reviews. For starters, before you spend lots of money. I would get a 2X barlow and go from there . With the barlow the 10mm will be 150X , good for planetary. The 25mm 30X is good for DSO's
  9. Thank you for all again for reply's I picked up the USED TV 32 with original and manual box, this morning ( It LOOKS NEW ) for $ 100.00 CDN about 50 pounds ( I think )
  10. Thank you all VERY much for the replys Time for a TV 32mm
  11. Still messing with Afocal EPL-5 Sigma19mm and Starblast6 ( single shot ) Image was cropped 200 % I am looking at a 45mm f1.8 which should double my magnification
  12. I have been holding off an an eyepiece for scanning /star hopping 6" f 5 DOB 2 for the same price $ 100.00 ( that's my budget ) Celestron - 25 mm X-Cel LX 30X 2° FOV NEW TeleVue Plossl 32mm 23X 2.06° FOV USED Not much in the FOV Department but a nice difference in the magnification department Which one would you buy for scanning / star hopping? Thanks in advance
  13. Thnak you for all the replys After many hrs of searching I am going for the ES 24 mm 68 ° a 30 % larger tfov than my Orion 25mm
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