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  1. Two and a half hours is impressive! I think you're right-- I need to invest in some good, warm clothes. And maybe a container for tea or coffee. I already have a nice chair, so the attire shall come next. Thanks Very good to know! I figured since Orion was there, I might as well give it a shot. But I wasn't aware it was such a difficult sight to see. I'm planning on borrowing a telescope from my local astronomy club soon and I'll try to take it to much darker skies. Hopefully there's some better luck there. For now though, I'm pretty pleased with what I can see since everything is pretty mu
  2. I don't know much about astrophotography but I'm sure others can give some insight into the effective settings to use. I've only tried to take some picture through my binoculars with my phone, which don't give great results. My problem now is that its so cold out! I can barely get out there for more than a few minutes before chickening out
  3. The Pleiades are very beautiful. The Orion nebula is a nice one, too (and easy to find). I've tried to find the Horsehead nebula in Orion but haven't had luck with my binoculars. Light pollution is a nuisance. Jupiter is really nice to view with its Galilean moons. It's my favorite planet to observe because of its moons. Also, I've found that keeping an observation log to be helpful. Since I record the position/date/time of what I'm viewing, it helps me focus on the celestial positions/movements. Good luck with your observing!
  4. Jay1989-- I'm relatively new to the hobby as well and agree with what others have said. I LOVE stellarium. It is really a fantastic tool, which I'm sure you've seen for yourself by now. I only started feeling comfortable under the sky when I could start identifying constellations and find my own way around based on info I knew, but that's just me. As for M31, I was able to see that with 15x70 binoculars (found it using Cassiopeia, which I recommend), so you will definitely have luck with that one soon . Granted, the view through my bins was not much more than a grey smudge, but fantastic all
  5. I've heard good things about Turn Left at Orion but have not picked it up myself. However, when I started getting interested in astronomy I bought the book Nightwatch by Terence Dickinson. I really love that book as it was my first introduction to astronomy as an actual hobby. I agree with what some others have said-- what works for you and what is able to speak to you is what matters
  6. Mak, oh yeah very bright. But a cool perspective.
  7. Yes, fingers crossed for some clear nights soon! I like to alternate between laying back doing some naked eye observing and getting up to use my binoculars on the tripod for a while. I have a small pair of 10x25's to scan a little while laying back. I love how you can get almost totally horizontal and it's so much more comfortable than craning your neck back to get to zenith! Now I think I need to spend some bad weather time to find a dark site spot I can get to in a reasonable amount of time Nothing wrong with being any kind of geek I'm real happy with Stellarium, it is so useful. I can
  8. You know, it's funny, I do value my eyesight When I first posted, I didn't know much about any solar film, but the message seems to be loud and clear that Baader is the best way to go. Thanks for the help everyone. I haven't gotten around to making them yet, but the advice has been very useful.
  9. Hey Matt, things are pretty good over here , been having a good number of cloudy nights but some beautiful, clear ones also. Got a few Messier's under my belt so far. By the way, thank you for the chair recommendation! I got mine a couple weeks ago and it is wonderful! I love laying back and taking in the night sky. And it's super comfortable. Got mine in the beige color, though, so I could find it in the dark backyard. How're things looking up over there in England?
  10. Thanks so much! By the way, I love your avatar picture--reminds me of my dog that passed away a few years ago
  11. That set-up sounds quite convenient! Hope you're able to get out to a dark site at some point soon
  12. Mak, you are stocked full of awesome computer programs! I love the shot of Earth and Venus from Mars. That is really cool. I don't have an Android, but I think the rest of your suggestions will keep me plenty busy And yes, fresh air under the stars can't really be beat. I think eventually I would like to get into imaging, but for now i'll try to get some shots on my phone or point and shoot camera. It does sound fun, I just don't have the money to invest in any imaging stuff quite yet. That sounds like a lovely alternative!
  13. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the clouds float away in fear, the best of luck to you with your next sacrifice!
  14. Never been white water kayaking, but I love "nice, calm, friendly" kayaking The intensity of white water seems like a thrill, though. Being out in the rain is really nice, I agree.
  15. Mak, why go outside when you can travel to the stars instead?! Celestia looks like a great program, though! Since I'm studying astronomy in a course right now and we're learning about stars, I think it could be a nice addition to visualize some stellar phenomena. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for mossy grounds when you fall Insomnia can be the worst! But I suppose if there is clear weather, there can be something to do when sleep won't come. But if not, wine is always a nice option That sounds like a lot of fun, but maybe not so fun if you're prone to crashing. Now, if a heat shiel
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