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  1. timelapse images were 20 seconds f/2.8@iso3200 with the camera shooting continuously. The video was output at 24fps. The composite is 6 images which were loaded into PS as a stack (under automate > stack) and auto aligned by PS and the converted to a smart object. Under layers >Smart objects > stack mode I used median mode to remove some noise and then used selection masks to bring each meteor into the foreground image.
  2. a mixed bag of images and timelapse taken over the last couple of days The timelapse video is from Monday evening at Cwyfan on Anglesey, plenty of air glow structure but I like it The 1st Perseid image is also from Monday evening This Iridium 40 flare was from the 11/08/15 @ 00:52 BST and finally from earlier this morning around 03:00 BST, 6 meteors caught in 10 minutes with Andromeda watching the children playing
  3. Turn off in camera noise reduction or you will be halving your capture time of the sky i.e. the camera will be taking a dark frame exposure equal to the main exposure. If you aim at the radiant in the Milky way the meteor trails will be shorter than aiming off to one side of the radiant. If you can keep the radiant in the frame you will be able to easily see if it is a Perseid or not or personally I would track it with only one camera
  4. out looking for NLCs so I set a camera up to watch the planetary race to the horizon. Youtube HD is better, full screen HD is even betterer
  5. I am lucky to work in such a great place, the skies are brilliant but the weather is very unpredictable
  6. Captured in the early hours of the 23rd June from Cemlyn bay on Anglesey. Being only two days from after the solstice I was surprised how good the displays were NLC and Northern lights timelapse 230615 by Kev Lewis, on Flickr
  7. Anyone care to enlighten me about the movement of NLCs wrt to lower 'normal' clouds? The NLCs seem to naturally move East to West with the normal clouds going with the prevailing wind direction. Is it movement of the earth relative to the very high clouds creating this effect?
  8. very very high ice clouds, pretty in their own right
  9. NLC's were visible from Anglesey last night before the clouds came through, tonight's forecast is clear skies This was caught last year on Anglesey about 00:30am
  10. Thank you Alan, very useful information
  11. Hi folks, I'm partway through building my own all sky camera using a Watec 902H2 Ultimate or 910HX camera and fisheye lens with a 4" acrylic dome and plan on using some resistors to keep the dew off the dome and lens. Has anyone had some practical success with this approach rather than playing with dew heater straps. I'm looking for some typical resistor values running from 12v or what sort of watts of heat are required to keep it clear. regards Kev
  12. 6000 raw images (121Gb) captured. 1500 white light images processed through PiPP and saved as tifs. 4500 raw images from the 3 shot HDR sequence, converted to 4500 tifs, hdr processing in Photomatix and saved as HDR tifs, HDR tifs processed in Photoshop CC to get the final images for compiling into a timelapse. The lack of h/drive space on my laptop didn't help so all the data was stored on an external h/drive. Batch processing is a godsend
  13. It was a lot of fun shooting but the computing time to post process the 6,000 images was 36 hours! I need a faster laptop lol
  14. I can see some faults in it but I'm rather pleased with this timelapse of the solar eclipse As usual best viewed on youtube in full screen HD https://youtu.be/OwFD3_fUNJw
  15. taken this evening at 19:31 UC on Anglesey. I think the camera caught Mars which is a very nice bonus even if it only a couple of pixels lol
  16. from 08:24 to 09:56. 1015 images at 5 second intervals on a Canon 5D3. Produced at 60 frames per second https://youtu.be/jkNHNjq5KFI
  17. Thanks for this Chris/Pete hopefully it will save me a lot of work when I process up the 1700 images I have. Thet include some biggish jumps where people just had to touch the back of the camera lol
  18. While one camera was shooting the sun in white light every 5 seconds I had another camera. This one was shooting an HDR timelapse of the event and this is at solar totality for the location @ 09:35
  19. With 1,700 I'd still be doing that when the next eclipse arrives !
  20. I was hoping PiPP would do them but it doesn't seem to like the sun's circumference being nibbled away by the moon. If PiPP could get them aligned and export an AVI then even Registax could finish them ??
  21. just trying to find some software to realign the raw frames and do a crop on them. Struggling at the moment. Another camera was shooting the event in HDR
  22. It was going well until the clouds came over the Padarn lake in Llanberis. 21 images out of a 1,700 image sequence
  23. Perfect in Llanberis until after totality thne some clouds came over. Over 70Gb of white light and HDR timelapse images to process so it's going to be a while before anything gets posted lol
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