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  1. 14 Geminid meteors emanating from the radiant above Castor and Pollux and a sporadic gate crasher tracking parallel with the milky way. Captured in 90 minutes between 00:30 -02:00 14/12/2015 using a Sony A7S and Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens from Anglesey. Continuous exposures of 20 seconds @ f/2.8 iso 4000. Background composed of 20 stacked lights and 10 darks with the individual meteors placed back into their correct positions for the final composition.
  2. At first glance they've put a lot of thought into that upgrade
  3. Sat on the seat near the lonely tree in Llyn Padarn through the night for 6 hours is a great way to spend your time. Time to watch Venus, Jupiter and Mars rising over the hills, looking down on the lake to see the fish swimming under my feet, the mist ebbing and flowing across the water and the finale of a beautiful sunrise. Shot on a pair of Canon DSLRs and processed as a 4K video, uploaded at 1920x1080 HD
  4. 3 cameras, 6 hours of shooting, 2000 images and a heap of post processing best viewed on Youtube full screen HD
  5. I've settled for this version after adding a lick of paint to it or this one or this one lol and a Lunar eclipse phase calendar
  6. after shooting on 3 cameras from midnight until 07:15 at 30 second intervals I have a lot of data to play with. This is a quick wip before I get some shuteye.
  7. Normally you would use a strong ND filter to slow down the shutter speed
  8. Good a place as any to talk about it For daylight timelapse with relatively fast moving subjects most people use too fast a shutter speed. Ideally you should be looking for 0.5-1 second exposures with 2-3 second gaps. The longer exposures will contain slight subject movement which helps them blend together in post production. If the shutter speed is too fast then you end up with very sharp images which don't blend together nicely.
  9. as Pete said high iso and lots of 15-20 seconds exposures usually works but I do output all my videos at 24fps Kev
  10. and I had my personal helicopter light paint a few clouds for me
  11. the Skerries is further around to the left of FoV but the light is visible from this location
  12. a long session on the beach through the night gave me a nice result after an increase in aurora activity
  13. There aren't any geostationary or orbiting satellites at that location in the sky, I've check through all the databases I have access to and the nearest satellite is about 1 degree away from the point of light.
  14. either a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II lens or a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens
  15. A great night down on the beach at Penmon shooting a 5 hour timelapse. the City of Cardiff dredger from Beaumaris and the 5 hour timelapse
  16. and I caught it on a 3rd camera as well, a Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 bridge camera I think I need to sync my camera clocks a bit more accurately lol
  17. ok my second camera also pick it up as a pin point so that knocks the 'last part of a meteor' theory because the two cameras wouldn't be that synchronised. Looking closer at the 'star' there is no trailing on it like the adjacent stars so maybe the pinpoint meteor theory is good?
  18. During a lot of recent timelapsing I noticed something odd in one image. Where there wasn't a star a 'star' appeared and then disappeared i.e. the first 30 second exposure didn't have a star, the 2nd exposure did and the third one didn't ??? Any thoughts because it stumped me, it doesn't appear when I use Novametry to check the area so I'm lost. The 1st 30 second image The 2nd exposure and the third one with the Novemetry result below
  19. Heavens-Above will give you Iridium flares based on your location or Calsky will give future predictions as well
  20. I use LRTimelapse4 to process key frames and the LRT4 does the number crunching to decide the transitions required and then it exports to Light room which then exports them as a new image sequence for the video
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