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  1. It looks like my 2,5 years daughter shows an interest in learning astronomy. Already knows names of all planets and most important moons of solar system. I would like her to learn constellations (she can already identify Orion) and I thought apart from showing her patterns on the sky as well as on the piece of paper it would be nice to get home planetarium. Does anyone have any recommendations for good quality one?
  2. xtreemchaos - I have tried all of the VR sets and honestly if I were you instead of Oculus Rift I would get HTC Vive. Especially if you are into gaming. It is backed by Valve.
  3. Guys you should try this stuff! Exploring solar system using VR technology in a very cheap way (using smartphone + google cardboard). There is an application that places you in the middle of the spaceship similar to the crystal ball from the latest Jurassic Park movie. You take a guided tour through the most important objects in the solar system rendered in 3D with photo-realistic textures and since it is used with VR kit you can look around as you were inside the spaceship. There is only one obstacle, it works on Android phones only Here is what you need: 1. Android smartphone with a screen between 4-6" (I'm using Nexus 5) 2. VR Kit You can get one here for less then 20 quid (that's the one I have) That one come with blue-tooth RC which comes handy although not necessary: http://eud.dx.com/product/google-cardboard-vr-box-version-vr-virtual-reality-glasses-smart-bluetooth-wireless-mouse-black-844409332#.VzSRSLcrJpg they also sell them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Upgrade-Blu-ray-Protection-Headset-Cellphones/dp/B018NDAVCW/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics-accessories&ie=UTF8&qid=1463062946&sr=1-4&keywords=vr+box 3. Google Cardboard app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.samples.apps.cardboarddemo&hl=en 4. Titans of Space app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drashvr.titansofspacecb If you want to get the idea here is a Youtube videoo of the Oculus Rif version:
  4. - Saturn - M42 - Orion Nebula - M81 and M82 - Bode and Cigar Galaxies (Don't know why but .... just love the idea of being able to see two galaxies within the same field of view)
  5. First of all I wanted to give a big thanks to this community for all help in picking the right equipment and give some advice to those troubled as to make a right choice (as once I was). The first ‘big’ telescope I got was Skywatcher 8 inch Newton Dobsonian 200/1200 with two eye pieces 25mm and 10mm. I had bigger budget so why I did not get 10 or 12 inch? Well because 8 inch it’s a prefect size for easy transportation. If you will be moving it around and trust me YOU WILL BE and an 8 inch is a combination of big enough/comfortable. I didn’t know this was so important but it really is and many of you know what I mean. Why Dobsonian? Well because it is cheap and again comfortable, you just take it out from your car boot , stick the eyepiece, align finder-scope and you are ready to go. In less than 2 minutes you can enjoy the sky. Another point is that it makes you study the sky as you have to find celestial objects manually. For some this might be very frustrating. It was for me at the beginning as I could only find and view planets , M42 (Orion Nebulae) and the Moon obviously. I really liked the expression of my friends showing them Saturn. They were like: ‘WOW ?! I can see the rings!’ It became harder with fainter DSO’s, but after few nights I become to find more and more stuff and learn how to point my telescope to them. As for the astrophotography goes I found that little can be done except the Moon. Here is my first photo of the Moon using Canon 6D DSLR. I liked the photography so much that I decided to sell my dobsonian and get the same 8 inch but with motorized equatorial mount. Since the new equipment had a high cost I looked at the second hand stuff and I found a bargain set with 8 inch Celestron, HEQ5 Pro and eyepieces 32mm, 20mm and two 2x barlow (never used 32mm before and now I consider it as a must). It took me 15 minutes to learn to assemble it (level the tripod, mount the motor, counterweights and OTA). Polar aligning took a bit longer and still it is the most tedious part. The total time of the setup and even if you are good at it is around 20 to 30 min. Then using the SynScan remote I do 3 start alignment which in my case had couple of WTFs with a lot of swearing: once I forgot to completely close the RA lock lever (or was it dec lock lever) and the other time setting incorrect date (setting date in European format (dd/mm/yyy) in the remote accepting US format (mm/dd/yyyy) ) and my telescope was going crazy. Once all is setup the viewing is amazing as you don’t need to concentrate on manually moving the scope. From that point I started to photograph stuff and it is so much fun as you get to see stuff that a human eye can’t. Below are my first attempts of imaging DSO: I hope my experience can help anyone to get the feeling of the first contact with telescopes and I recommend to follow the same path which is: start with a basic stuff and see if you like it. At this moment I’m looking to buy an auto-guider to improve my photos by setting longer exposures and possibly get a smaller refractor (grab and go for quick viewing on the rooftop).
  6. What should I pay attention to? (I have never used eq mount before)
  7. I thought the same but the guy lives 5 min from my place and he doesn't mind showing me the scope.
  8. Second hand Celestron 8" + HEQ5 PROI found an announcement of a second hand scope with these characteristics: - Celestron 200mm- HEQ5 Pro- Plossl 32mm Meade- Plossl 20mm mutli-coated- Barlow x2 Meade - Barlow x2 Vixen - Lunar filter The seller says he had it for 3 years but not used much.It sells for €800 which is roughly 570 quid. New HEQ5 PRO alone costs ~ 1000 quid.I am very tempted to buy it. Is it worth it?
  9. I called the guy from online telescope shop in Spain (http://astrocity.es) and he told me that if my final destination is astro-photography of DSO 8" is a better choice. Since anything above 8" focuses more at the centre, which is good for planets but not DSO. So in the end I got Skywatcher Dobson 200/1200 and I will get HEQ5 when I'm ready to shoot.
  10. I was about to order Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian over the weekend but I saw this beast: Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Telescope 305mm/1500mm (12") (http://www.skywatcher.com/product.php?cat=6&id=250) I guess it is just a bigger version. But what worries me is that I can't find any reviews online and it's not sold by FLO or Astroshop.eu.
  11. @Brown Dwarf I bet I will spend hours on this forum every day. @Nebula Now you made me re-consider again getting a scope on the EQ mount. Do you guys think it is reasonable to get dob first and buy EQ6 later?
  12. Thank you all for advice. I saw a video on you tube of a guy setting up EQ mount with tracking (it was NEQ6) and it takes quite a lot of time to have it running. I think as a start I will go for Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian which is only €600 via Astroshop + some better eyepieces. When I’ll get “comfortable” with it I’ll get EQ6 with tracking and mount the tube using rings. I want to enjoy both visual and astrophotography. Thank you for the tip on the book will get it this weekend. I’m currently living in San Juan (Beach). The cottage house is in the village of Onil. Also a local astronomy club (that I’m going to join) has a perfect spot nearby where you have a perfect view of the Milky Way with a naked eye.
  13. Hello amigos, I have recently revived (from a childhood) this fantastic hobby which is astronomy. To refresh my knowledge of the sky I bought Celestron Skymaster 15x70 bins and I’ve been using them almost every day (in Spain there is always a clear sky). Now I want to get a scope but I’m in the middle of refurbishing my new apartment so my wife is not so much keen on spending too much right now. My budget is ~€1000. Also I would like to do astrophotography in the future. What I had in mind was this: Skywatcher N 200/1000 PDS (8”) + NEQ-5 Pro SynScan GoTo But I know myself and I’m just afraid that I will get to the point where I will want more. So I was thinking to get a 300 (12”) dobsonian and in the future get a NEQ-6 Pro for it. I know it’s a beast but I have a cottage house in the mountains where I will keep it without moving it much. The problem is that all Skywatchers 300 I have seen are FlexTube and not sure if I can convert it for EQ mount. What would you recommend go with 8 inch or 12? Thanks!
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