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  1. Newcastle Upon Tyne Ita not as if it was wobbly I just couldnt get a sharp image. The moons were a blurry line
  2. Last night Jupiter didnt seem as good and it and its moons seemed out of focus. Is this a seeing issue? What would bad seeing cause? Thanks
  3. Good shout. My 200p Dob has that cap.
  4. Well done on a good night. I'm also a newbie and I think the seeing was poor tonight. Either that or my collimation is out or something? Jupiter just didnt seem to be quite in focus and the moons were slightly out too. Any thoughts anyone? I had a quick look at venus and yes that was super bright- not really worth looking at.
  5. Thanks John- good to know. I hope to get a clearer night tomorrow then I can have a closer look at Jupiter- and maybe look for a few different things.
  6. Well I thought the cloud would scupper me but I peeped out and saw a few gaps so moved the scope out to cool then popped out 15 mins later. I pointed at Jupiter using the 10mm stock lens -focussed and as soon as I saw the little white circle with 4 dots around it I knew I was watching Jupiter!! After a bit I just maybe made out two bands. I was maybe expecting the planet to be a bit bigger at 120x mag. What would be a realistic maximum to go to on Jupiter? Anywhere near 200x? I'm not sure I'd ever see the GRS at 120! It was the moons all in a line that has blown me away the most though -moreso than seeing Jupiter itself. The cloud kept covering it every few mins- so was a bit frustrating for a first go but i enjoyed it. I found it quite difficult to keep nudging the scope to keep it in view- im hoping I can improve on that. I keep nudging too much or not enough or in the wrong direction! And my neck hurts from twisting to look in the finder! Also- im finding it really hard to keep both eyes open when looking in the EP- I keep getting too tempted to cover my other eye. Any tips on this? All in all- an exciting first night out
  7. Brilliant cheers. Bad news is- its saying 100% cloud between 10 and 12- my prime viewing hours. Though weirdly 0% at midnight then 100% at 1am!
  8. haha.. any idea if there's a satellite map anywhere that shows predicted cloud cover? The met office app only shows rain on the satellite map
  9. for NE England tonight. Fingers crossed for my "first light" although they forecast clear skies last night... full cloud cover
  10. Yeah I've never known a forum like it for getting so much help! Definitely something we should feed back to Skywatcher- the manual is decent but weirdly fails to mention how to set up the focuser parts.
  11. Cracked it!!! All this time I hadn't realised that the 2" adaptor splits in to two and the small bit goes in to the knurled ring before you can attach the 1.25" adaptor. What a clown! Anyway thanks all for your help- got there in the end. Bad news: I'd been excited all day for the forecast clear skies.... its now completely clouded over thick. Gutted!
  12. Ah ha! Its the 2 inch reduction ring thats the issue I think. I'm assuming this is a separate part? I'll have to check whether I have it- as all I can remember is just the outer part of the knurled ring. I will check tonight. Thanks for all your help everyone..means a lot.
  13. Right... in my photo there are three bits attached (no eyepiece on the photo).. First one is a knurled ring which screws on to the focuser. Next is the large adaptor (assuming this is the 2" adaptor). Next is the small adaptor (1.25") which the eyepiece fits onto well. Now when I take off both adaptors theres a large hole (the knurled ring) which my eyepiece won't fit into. So how do I fit my eyepiece? It seems the only way is to have the 2" adaptor on?
  14. I've had the scope 3 days.. it was a refurb so they adaptors all came separate. I'm sure this is the problem as it doesnt feel right- I have everything atttached but I can't get the 1.25" adaptor to connect to the focusser. Is a part missing? Here's the photo (dont laugh)
  15. So its possible my eyepiece isnt in the correct position? Where would I get an extension?
  16. I've been out with my Skyliner 200p tonight trying to find anything in the eyepiece. I tried going for Jupiter- got it in the center of the finder but nothing through the eyepiece at all- I got something bright at one point but it was just the image of the mirror!?! I'm not even sure i've got the focusser set up correctly. Someone told me to remove the 2" adaptor but there's not other combination- everything fits together. There's a collar- a large adaptor- a small adaptor then the eyepiece..all screwed together- if i removed the 2" adaptor- the 1.25" adaptor wouldnt fit in the collar. I'm pretty fed up to be honest and freezing cold
  17. Yes you can. I've got mine in my garage stood upright. It doesnt increase the "footprint" as it were just the height. You just need to be careful of the focusser sticking out.
  18. Another bump for this great thread. This scope is a thing of beauty set up
  19. Tried to set up the focusser last night. You got three bits which all attached together perfectly in a line (including the 1.25" eyepiece). Have I done the right thing?
  20. Well my first night out started with excitedly pointing at Jupiter and ended 5 minutes later when the whole sky clouded over!
  21. Review: Superb service- 5 working days delivery- packaging absolutely spot on. Scope was in perfect condition (from what I can tell) and all accesories present. would highly reccommend.
  22. I've set it up and had it out in the garden last night as I saw Jupiter shining through the clouds.. sadly it clouded over before I could get focus. One thing I will say so far..the scope is an absolute beast. It's quite a struggle to move it all together (on the stand).
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