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  1. Astromodded canon 1100d, low shutter count- £150 plus postage Optolong 1.25" UHC filter- £25 inclusive UK postage Optolong 2" UHC filter- £40 inclusive UK postage
  2. That's great to know.. 4 years of doing Ha and I didn't try that.. Thanks will give it a shot next time. I have the hypercam 174 so got plenty of space to move the sun around on the sensor
  3. Can you actually get even illumination with a tilt tuned scope. Lunt is pressure tuned if I'm not wrong..
  4. The seeing was extremely bad, or it could have been me. While changing the focuser, forgot to mark the hole which had the screw originally. There was nothing visually except some prominences even after tuning knob being turned either way. Luckily camera picked some details
  5. Solar Setup for sale I have put this on sale twice but had changed my mind both times, but think I can finally let this go: Entire solar setup including: Quark Chromosphere with power cable Skywatcher ST102 with skywatcher autofocuser and Hitech Astro DC focuser controller- This makes fine focusing a breeze as you can focus right from the laptop screen covered with dark cloth without going to the telescope. Baader UV/iR rejection filter 2” Rowan astronomy tilt adapter to take care of Newton rings Relevation astro 2” extender for straight through imaging
  6. Skywatcher Startravel 102 with Quark Chromosphere and Altair astro 174 Hypercam
  7. Anyone selling AZ EQ5 or ioptron CEM25/30? Or EQ6 Pro
  8. AVX mount and tripod, with upgraded azimuth knobs (rose knob- ADM ones). I had also replaced the altitude knob as the long cylindrical one gets in the eye while you are looking through the polar scope. It is a rose knob so very easy to turn. The plastic box in front has red tape on it as the casing had come off, not broken and I was not able to put it back properly. Its in there partly fitted partly held by the tape but never bothered in the operation. I can also include polemaster adapter for it in case you want to buy that in future. Will also include the cable for connection to the computer
  9. Some images from Thursday..
  10. With the pixel 4 entering into fray, this will be more interesting next time..
  11. [removed word]... Tell me when you are selling it at an even better bargain
  12. Yep.. That just means ordering a new focuser. I opened up the motor to see all plastic gears in disarray. Positioned them in original order, it ran for a min then again messed up
  13. This was a test run of Hypercam 174m. The skywatcher autofocuser broke so I got shoddy focus and I was trying to avoid sun burn, so could not correct the tilt totally. But happy with the cam, got 70fps, a contrast to the 3fps i got with my old cam and laptop.
  14. Oops.. Sorry, had forgotten I had posted it here as well. How to now delete one ad?
  15. Canon 1100d, astro modified Shutter Count 819 3 batteries and Charger included £160 including postage to UK
  16. Smarteq... dont touch it from a mile away. Shoddy all the way
  17. Low shutter count. Have used this camera only twice. Once for andromeda and then for lunar eclipse. Will supply with 2 or prob 3 batteries, whatever i have and charger £200 pp extra
  18. One of the best cameras for Ha solar. With a 1/2" chip and large pixels, I used to fit the entire disc with lunt 35. I can still do a full disk with a quark using my TS 60ED and a reducer on the camera nose. This camera does not suffer from Newton's rings so saves a lot of time which is otherwise wasted in setting up a tilt adjuster. Boxed with the cable, probably i have the disc as well, but not sure where in my astro dump it is. Software is available from the website though. £180+pp
  19. So i made another purchase.. OAG. I have zwo 120mcs. I gather mono cams are better, but with 75% qe, has anyone used an oag with this cam? Or god forbid i have to buy another cam
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