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  1. Ok, great Robin. Tnx! Came across the abbreviation in an Atel-circular which was Nova-related. Never heard it before.
  2. Hello. What does the abbr. PNV stand for? Figure "Possible Nova... something"? But the "V"?
  3. Great Helen! Will sure do. Have a few other projects to end before I give this a full go. Looking forward to it! Does BAA or any orher British association have any section for this? Really love the "forgotten" and often overlooked parts of this hobby. Seem like you all had a nice workshop there with the prof. Tnx and cheers from Scandinavia, Skip
  4. Perfect Helen! Just had a quick glance at it, seems to be what I am looking for. Better get back out there, my daughter is having a good time with her ETX 80 outside, don't want to miss out on that. Thanks! Appreciate it!
  5. Hi. Any suggestions to software for analysing lunar footage? It easily get tedious to manually scan through lots and lots of of material. Have heard of MIDAS, but haven't seen any download links. Fairly sure its a licensed software with a hefty price tag? Any freeware out there? Any recommendations? Many tnx. Happy star-hunting. //Skippy
  6. Good stuff. Tnx. Also seem like a neat book - which one is it? /Skipjack
  7. Oh! Never even realized there by mistake might be a word left out! It all makes sense now :-) Thanks to both of you!
  8. Normally a Dobson-setup won't allow any serious photography. But I am not really into it at all - although I hook up my DSLR to the alt/az SCT at times to shoot Quazars. With the tracking switched on, I can take 28-30 sec exp without any star trails. Good enough for these objects. For serious deep-sky you'll need more exp. time than that though. For plantetary work you might get away with the dob and a webcam, shoot in AVI-mode and stack several frames. You'll get a better answer soon I believe. Good luck.
  9. Hi, tnx yr reply - but I must admit I am not really sure how you mean. You mean round as in Airy disc? It doesn't make any sense in the context to me. If a split or elongation was seen it makes more sense to actually use PA and SEP?
  10. Hi double-splitters. Checking out the vol.1 Double Stars, from Webb Society. In the catalogue part some double stars has a "round" in the column for p.a. and sep. What does Round mean here? Tnx.
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