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  1. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this so far. I have spent a few hours sanding down. It’s the ridge that’s causing problems. It was about 0.25mm and has now largely gone. I’m not there yet though, still sanding! I will need to replace some of that black paint afterwards...
  2. I’m after a little advice from anyone who has replaced the stock focuser the Skywatcher ED80. I’ve just bought a replacement focuser from FLO (the Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser for Sky-Watcher Refractors). I have attempted to fit it to the scope but I’m unable to lineup the holes for the three screws, not laterally but depth wise. The focuser sits about 1-2mm proud of the telescope tube when fully in. As a result only half of each hole is visible and I am therefore unable to put the screws in place. Inside the telescope tube there is a very small ridge which may be preventing the focuser from going in any further. Does anyone please know of a solution to this? i attach a couple of photos for reference.
  3. I have been happily using my Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 quite happily for a few years. However, whilst attempting to calibrate my mount on a guide star in PHD2, PHD2 returned the following error: "Advisory: Calibration successful but little south movement was measured, so guiding may be impaired. This is usually caused by very large Dec backlash or other problems with the mount mechanics." I have done a star cross test and produced this image. Is this a mechanical problem?
  4. Thank you for all of your comments. I really hadn't considered the effect of light and dust leakage. I think then it will be the Atik EFW2. Cheers
  5. Kit so far: SkyWatcher 80ED Pro SkyWatcher FR/FF for 80ED SkyWatcher 80T Loadstar X2 Atik 314L+ Mono 1.25 inch Baader LRGB & Narrow Band AZ-EQ6 Canon 600d PHD2 DSS PhotoShop CDC So, what am I missing? That would be the filter wheel and spacers etc. Having spent all of that cash, I'm not sure whether to go for a manual or electronic filter wheel. The Atik EFW2 electronic one seems to be a popular choice amongst many users but it is of course approx £400!! (albeit tempting as FLO has specified all of the extras, which makes it a simple order) If I went manual, which wheel would you recommend? And which adapters and spacers for the 55mm spacing? I know the electronic gives you the option of leaving the setup running but I'd rather be in attendance. Thanks Rich
  6. My only concern with the QHY5L-II is that the impression I get from reading various forums is that some people seem to have issues with either aquiring and maintaining a guide star and/or software comparability issues (more than with the X2 anyway). That is only my interpretation of what I have read and therefore may not be a valid comment.
  7. Ok, the X2 it is (and a cable tie as well!).
  8. Right, I've purchased pretty much everything that I said I would (except for the QHY5-II) and have been very happy. I have been lucky and had a fair few clear(ish) nights and I am happy with my initial results (unguided and I'm sure they have all of the hallmarks of a beginner). So, my next question comes to autoguiding. The images in my album are all 1 minute and stacked (except M13 which is just a raw image enhanced in photoshop), and I'm now keen to add an autoguider. I've read a number of posts on various forums with people having various problems with different cameras but the one that people seem to be most happy with is the Lodestar X2. Is there any advice in this area, as this is obviously one of the more expensive options?
  9. Pilots View

    First Few Steps

    My first few images, as I take my initial steps into the highly addictive world (if not slightly OCD) of astrophotography.
  10. Thanks for all of your responses so far. There is no substitute for experience and I will take onboard the advice (especially taking subtle steps rather than swamping myself with large leaps). I think the only reason that I was thinking about the ST80 for a guidescope was because I understand that many people use it for that purpose. I'm afraid it is no more scientific than that. A 9x50 Finderguider sounds interesting, I'll give that some thought. Cheers
  11. I'm a new member and first time poster and I'm after some advice before spending a couple of grand on new kit. I spent a number years as a youngster doing visual astronomy but as I got older and life took over, the hobby fell by the wayside. However, last year my wife bought me a fairly basic setup (Celestron 130SLT) which has re-ignited the flame again. This time though, my interest has firmly turned towards DSO astrophotography. So, I have spent many months reading this forum (and other forums) and I have purchased and read 'Making Every Photon Count' which really is a book that everyone even remotely interested should read. I have narrowed down the kit to what I think would be sufficient. What I want to know is, is there anything that I have missed out that I would need e.g. what would I need to connect the guidescope to the OTA, spacers, better focuser etc? The proposed kit: Skywatcher Evostar 80ED PRO OTA Skywatcher Startravel 80T OTA Skywatcher AZ-EQ6GT Skywatcher 0.85xFocal Reducer for ED Telescopes QHY5-II Mono Guide Camera The mount might seem over kill, but I want to future proof a little as I may progress to larger OTA's eventually. Also, I'd like to preserve the AltAz functionality as my 11 year old daughter sometimes likes to look, so a quick setup would be beneficial. Camera wise, I will initially be using my Canon 600d that I will probably mod soon. I might be able to persuade Father Christmas to buy me a reasonable CCD if the bug really does bite. Please suggest any changes to the kit, for example, would the Sywatcher Esprit 80ED be better now or start cheaper and work up? The OTA is something that I have changed my mind about at least 100 times a week over the past few months!! Cheers Rich
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