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  1. I have for sale my TS T2 to 2" adapter in good condition. The price is £25 posted in the UK. NOW SOLD.....
  2. Try Action Optics based in Southampton. I used him to collimating a pair of binos a couple of years ago. Fantastic service.
  3. That is exactly where I started. I still use it with an 80/600 APO. For visual I use it with an additional polariser or solar continuum filter. It is a very cost effective way to start.
  4. No new product is acceptable in that condition. Contact the supplier and insist on a replacement.
  5. FLO sell a M54 adapter from Astro Essentials to replace that part. It uses a brass compression ring. It is almost certainly the same thickness as the set screw one you have removed.
  6. I would ask the vendor to explain what they mean by that statement. No such thing as a stupid question.
  7. It will only fit an equinox 120ed. The attachment to the OTAs tube is totally different. This whole assembly screws on, it is not held by 3 screws.
  8. Somebody was looki ng for one of these on ABS a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Microsoft ICE has worked for me in every #cenario I have used it. And it is free......
  10. Yes. Canon EF-S lenses fit all Canon crop sensor cameras of which the 350D is one.
  11. I use something very similar to this that FLO sold before this one appeared: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/lynx-astro-12v-dc-5amp-low-noise-mains-power-supply.html
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