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  1. I would ask the vendor to explain what they mean by that statement. No such thing as a stupid question.
  2. It will only fit an equinox 120ed. The attachment to the OTAs tube is totally different. This whole assembly screws on, it is not held by 3 screws.
  3. Somebody was looki ng for one of these on ABS a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Microsoft ICE has worked for me in every #cenario I have used it. And it is free......
  5. Yes. Canon EF-S lenses fit all Canon crop sensor cameras of which the 350D is one.
  6. I use something very similar to this that FLO sold before this one appeared: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/lynx-astro-12v-dc-5amp-low-noise-mains-power-supply.html
  7. I use one and it has made the eyepiece usable for me. There is one for sale on ABS if you search for it.
  8. I am selling my William Optics Binoviewers which are in pristine condition. This includes the binoviewers and the standard 1.6x barlow. Also included is an additional genuine William Optics 2x barlow. NOTE: There are NO eyepieces included in this package. The price is £125, which includes first class delivery within the UK.
  9. Here is the manual in case you do not have it: instructions_for_protective_t_ring_for_canon_eos.pdf
  10. According to the manual: To change the filter, loosen the 6 screws on the side of the unit. Then tilt the body of the Protective T-ring carefully forward and take out the built-in 50.4mm filter and the Delrin temperature compensation ring. Now insert another 50.4mm filter and place the temperature compensation ring on top of it. Now put either the S52/M48 ring or the S52/2" connector socket into the body and fasten the unit together by means of the 6 Allen screws. Here, S52 is a description of the diameter of the retaining cone which is clamped in place by means of the 6 screws. The thing thjnat caughtg me out was this: The FILTER SHOULD .RATTLE.! This is not a defect. The slight looseness of the filter in the mounting is very small and serves to protect the filter against stress. This minimal play will not affect the image position. I thought mine was broken.....
  11. There have been threads on here covering keep alive settings for apps running in the background on Android that use wifi. The answer to your problem may well lie there. I am sure others on here can give you more detail.
  12. If I just want a quick look at the night sky, I still use binoculars today as do many other people on here. Your approach is a sensible one, take small steps until you work out exactly what you want out of this hobby. When you are ready, you will find plenty of excellent advice from members on here about equipment etc. There is a very vibrant market for used astronomy equipment, so you do not have to think you must buy new equipmnet all the time. Most astronomers look after their gear exceptionally well and buying second or even third hand can produce excellent results. The great majority of my gear has been bought on the used market.
  13. I started in astronomy with a pair of 8x30 binoculars and a spotting scope, neither of which are anywhere near the optical quality of the equipment you have. They enabled me to get some nice wide angle views but unfortunately you will not get high magnification views of the moon and planets which is where my initial interest lay. The one thing I would suggest that may help you is to get one of the night sky apps for a phone or tablet. There are some excellent free or very cheap apps that you can download that will be a great help. You can hold the device up and orientate the app to the sky making it easier to find you way around the sky.
  14. I have an Eizo monitor and they support 100% sRgb. You will need a screen profiler, there are other makes than Spyder, as it is essential to keep your monitor calibrated. Very easy to do and should be done regularly. I would avoid Adobe Rgb as it is essentially for high end printing and is very specialised. Stick with sRgb and you cannot go wrong. what do you intend to do with your final images and let this guide your choice. SRgb can be used on all devices, #creens, web etc. Tony
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