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  1. I buy from here: http://www.nipon-scope.com/ Tony
  2. Uni 28 tripod, same spec as FLO. (EQ5)

    PM sent
  3. They are ADM and they do have slits in them but they will only hold M6 bolts. I managed to find the answer on other forums. 2 solutions: 1. Drill or preferably tap M8 holes in the dovetail 35mm apart. 2. Use a recent version of the original white Vixen dovetail which happens to have 2 M8 holes tapped in the middle of it 35mm apart. Bu luck, I still had one of these lying around not being used, so result. Tony
  4. I have recently obtained a Tak clamshell (probably the only Tak item I will ever be able to afford...) and I want to attach it to a Vixen dovetail for use on my mount. The clamshell came with 2xM8 bolts, but none of the dovetails I own can take an M8 bolt. So, my question is to those of you that have done this before is how did you do it? I can see two possible options: 1. Drill out the dovetail to handle M8 bolts. 2. Use M6 bolts instead Tony
  5. How to focus a DSLR

    Another option is to calculate the hyperfocal distance and use that. It is a well established daytime photography technique. There are plenty of references on the web, including online tools to help you. It is really simple to do and elimates a load of the problems trying to focus on the night shy.
  6. First Light for the ASI290MM

    Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry if I may have inadvertantly sent the topic off at a tangent. Excellent images, I can only hope to achieve the same one day.
  7. First Light for the ASI290MM

    This may be a silly question, but when you take photos of the moon with a mono camera do you need to use any filters? The reason I ask is that I am considering buying a ZWO camera just to take moon pictures and I am trying to work out if I need a colour or mono camera? Tony
  8. I use a Baader Skysurfer 5 on my equinox 120 and it works a treat.
  9. Buying 2nd hand eyepieces

    All of my eyepieces have been bought used. Buying from SGL and UKAB&S is the recommended way as you are buying from genuine astronomers.
  10. eyepiece dust cap

    I get them from here: http://www.nipon-scope.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=47 Very good service Tony
  11. Televue plossls

    I have a set of TV plossls (8mm-32mm) and they are very good eyepieces. I use them in an ED80 for astronomy and in a spotting scope for terrestial viewing. Excellent eyepiece to start with and most people go for the 11mm and upwards. They are often for sale used on SGL and ABS, so keep looking and see if you can bag some at a reasonable price. Tony
  12. TS do the following product. I use it to put a finder on top of the CNC rings as this one has a flat base. Depending on where you put it, it will cover two mounting holes. The holes are probably metric, mine are on William Optics rings, and they are M6. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2734_TS-Optics-Finder-Base-with-flat-seat-and-sink-hole.html Tony
  13. Skywatcher Evostar 80ED focuser

    If it is brand new, then I would talk to the supplier first with a view of sending it back and getting a replacement. You should not have to fiddle with it if it is beand new.
  14. I have for sale a set of three original Burgess/TMB Planetary eyepieces (3.2mm,4mm and 5mm) in very good condition complete with both caps. The are priced at £75 for the set plus £5 for RMSD 1st class delivery in the UK only. I am no longer using them and would like to see someone else getting pleasure from them. NOW SOLD - mods please move to sold section....
  15. The Moon in 3 lights and close ups 29-11-17

    Some of the best moon pics I have seen in a long time. typically how many photos were in the stack? Tony