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  1. Try I have bought and sold equipment with them and they are very good.
  2. The first thing I bought was a red dot finder. It makes it so much easier to get yourself in the area of sky you want to look at before switching to the finder supplied with the scope for finer detail. Tony
  3. I have a Vixen LV5 for sale in the for sale section gives excellent views
  4. You did not add any comment. Is this what you intended?
  5. John, This is a sharp to the edge eyepiece that uses the same Lanthanum glass used by Pentax and the later Vixen SLV eyepieces. The real difference between this and a modern day wide field is the difference in the field of view. If you want a narrow and concentrated FOV then these are excellent. If you want a wider FOV i.e. 58-70 degrees, then this is not the right option. These are very comfortable and have a generous 20mm of eye relief which makes eye placement very simple. Tony
  6. I have a Vixen LV5 and LV6 eyepiece for sale. NOW BOTH SOLD They are both in excellent condition and both eyepieces have their original caps (see pics). They are priced at £40 each, and this includes 2nd class Royal Mail signed for postage. Payment is by PayPal (no fees to me) or Bank Transfer. I am only selling them as I have decided to spend more time using my orthos. Tony
  7. Isn't it supposed to be pointed the other way? Or is Jupiter that low beneath the horizon....
  8. They are almost certainly the same item, produced by GSO. I had one under yet another brand name. They are very good value.
  9. Do you have the box for the Vixen LV9? Tony
  10. A couple of Celestron Circle T 20mm Erfles went for between $42-$65 in the past couple of years. Depends on condition and how much somebody is willing to pay.
  11. +1 for Baader Wonder Fluid and the Baader microfibre cloth.
  12. BA8 were a binocular model produced by Kunming Optics in China. They are sold under a variety of brand names, via an OEM deal, with each brand having a slightly different variant i.e. coatings etc. They are a good solid well made binocular which appear to be no longer in production (based on Kunming Optics website). Tony
  13. I cannot comment on the BST as I have never looked through one. I do have a TV 8mm plossl and it is an excellent eyepiece. I use it in a range of scopes from an F6 8" dob to a F7.5 120ED refractor and it always delivers high quality views. Since you are not bothered by the eye relief I would say go for it, but beware it will lead you to wanting more TV plossls as they give excellent value for money. Tony
  14. ABS advert no 125171 appears to have one for sale. I was interested in the 25mm, hence why I noticed it. Tony
  15. This is the second time it has been on there recently. Clearly nobody was prepared to pay the original asking price of £475.