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  1. This is the second time it has been on there recently. Clearly nobody was prepared to pay the original asking price of £475.
  2. I have a dual finder long draw tube Moonlite and it is way better than the standard SW dual speed focusser. I can certainly recommend it. FLO sometimes have good deals on it if you can wait. Tony
  3. I am inexperienced in post processing. Can you please explain how you made the changes in Gimp please and I will work out how to do it in my software. I do not have a non CLS filter picture exactly the same but I do have one taken slightly earlier of a different piece of sky. Tony
  4. I am trying to take some simple pictures of the night sky using an unmodified Canon 40D with a 17-55mm lens and using an Astronomik EOS CLS clip filter. The attached picture was taken at F4 with a 15 second exposure. The focus is not perfect, but that is a separate challenge that I am failing at. The picture has an overall blue cast, but more annoyingly half of teh stars appear blue and not white. Why is this? How do you guys process pictures taken using this filter? Any help/suggestions gratefully received. Tony
  5. Just for reference, recently on ABS an EQ5 with polar scope and motors sold for £225. You are possibly about £100 over priced.
  6. I have the measurements for the two 2" to 1.25" adapters I own as follows: Altair (Revelation) self centering: Flange=9mm, Barrel=20mm, Weight=83g, no T2 connectivity Baader 2408190: Flange=14mm, Barrel=23mm, Weight=128g, T2 connectivity at scope and eyepiece ends Please add these to your table. Tony
  7. I tend to buy used genuine batteries from MPB. Not had a badone yet.
  8. I tried it with binoviewers to avoid having to use a 1.6x or 2x barlow to get focus. Bit uncomfortable, so probably will not do it too often. Tony
  9. I have bought them from 365Astronomy in the recent past. Tony
  10. Many thanks to everyone for your thoughts. I intend to use a 1.25 Lunt, so should have no focussing problems. I now understand that I will need a Baader Continuum filter as part of the package. Now it is down to me to pluck up the courage and get the gear.
  11. Couple of questions: 1. I followed the link and looked at te picture. Does it mean you have to use a screwdriver to tighten the compression ring for every eyepiece change? 2. I guess it will fit any 2" focusser as is not Starlight specific? Tony
  12. I am thinking about having a go at white light solar viewing using a Lunt herschel wedge. I was thinking of using an ED80 600mm scope. Would this be suitable and would it have sufficient focus. How would an F10 102mm achro perform for solar viewing? Any recommendations? Tony
  13. I have always struggled with kidney beaning with zooms due to the variable eye relief. Also as stated above, the FOV changes and is not always to everyones liking. Tony
  14. BGOs are only available in the used market. However, Fujiyama HD or Astro Hutech orthos are said to be almost identical. You could post a wanted ad on here and see what turns up. Tony
  15. I currently use 18mm and 12.5mm BGOs in my binoviewers and the view is excellent. I do not have a problem with the eyey relief but other people do. I was thinking of trying a pair of 25mm Orthos, but I already have a pair of 25mm TV plossls that work fine so I doubt I will ever get around to trying it. Tony