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  1. Now Sold I have a Vixen LV30 2" eyepiece for sale. These do not come up for sale very often. It is in excellent condition and is supplied with both caps. No box, but I have yet to find a box that improves the view through the eyepiece. There are no marks on the body or optics, and no fungus etc. The view is sharp across the whole field of view (to my eyes anyway). I am looking for £65 which includes first class signed for postage in the UK only.
  2. I have a 200mm Vixen style dovetail that is now available having been replaced by a Losmandy dovetail. It is solid and in very good condition with the usual screw marks. I am looking for £23 which includes postage. Tony
  3. Stu, I am interested in the EQ5 16" pillar. How much do you want for it? Got any pics of it? Tony
  4. I would say that is a CFL becuase of the double bearings. I have a CF and that only has single bearings and no option to double them up. Tony
  5. Here are my humble efforts taken at 2pm in sunny Hampshire... I used an Equinox 80ED, Lunt Herschel wedge, ZWO ASI178MM+Solar Continuum filter. Tony
  6. I have one 2" eyepiece in my 200P dob that needs a 50mm, but all the rest are happy with 35mm.
  7. As an aside, when I use it to view or photo the sun, I do not use go to. I manually align it on the sun and use the point and track function. Works fairly well and tracks well enough for my needs. I still do the North and level alignment manually before turning the mount on.
  8. You are grasping at straws. I use the Pro version of the app with my AzGti with no problems. It works for me on Windows, Android and iOS. My firmware on the mount is 3.16 so four releases out of date. Having read the horror stories people have had updating it, I have been loathed to try it.
  9. Open the synscan app. On the first page select Utility, once that has displayed a new page select Information. The mount firmware is indicated by the label Motor board.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. I was directing the question at the OP.
  11. Let me ask what may look like a stupid question. When you say your last movements were up and right, was that based on 1. The movement you could see through the eyepiece? or 2. The physical right and left keys on the app?
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