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  1. I will take the other one please. Will send a PM to exchange details
  2. Try going to mpb.com and look for a good used lens if you want something that you may not use a lot.
  3. Best sky app

    +1 for Stellarium on the PC. I use Luminos on an iPad and it is very useful and informative. Tony
  4. Astroboot sell short ones at a nice cheap price. I bought one from them and it works for me.
  5. Helios Apollo 10.5 x 70 binoculars?

    I have both the 10.5x70 and the 15x70 Apollo binoculars. I am a few years older than you, but what the eyes can handle is very much down to the individual. I can hand hold the 10.5x70s for a period of time and they feel very solid in the hands. I would not attempt to hand hold the 15x70s. The exit pupil on the 10.5x70s is still very bright as even at worst it is the equivalent to 10x50 according to some calculations for exit pupil and old eyes. I had a pair of old Russian 7x50s and the Apollos are much brighter but that could be down to modern coatings etc. Tony
  6. Slow motion control knob.

    Astro boot have them on their website. i bought one and it does the job. tony
  7. Effect of powermate (2.5x) on focal plane

    Whenever I use my 2.5x Powermate to take photos of the moon with a DSLR, I have to add a 50mm + 35mm extension tube to my draw tube. Anything less, and it will not come to focus. This is true no matter which refractor I use. Tony
  8. Best beginners dslr

    Try MPB.com. I have bought and sold equipment with them and they are very good.
  9. The first thing I bought was a red dot finder. It makes it so much easier to get yourself in the area of sky you want to look at before switching to the finder supplied with the scope for finer detail. Tony
  10. 5mm Eyepiece for 180x magnification

    I have a Vixen LV5 for sale in the for sale section gives excellent views
  11. Vixen LV5 and LV6 for sale - BOTH SOLD

    You did not add any comment. Is this what you intended?
  12. Vixen LV5 and LV6 for sale - BOTH SOLD

    John, This is a sharp to the edge eyepiece that uses the same Lanthanum glass used by Pentax and the later Vixen SLV eyepieces. The real difference between this and a modern day wide field is the difference in the field of view. If you want a narrow and concentrated FOV then these are excellent. If you want a wider FOV i.e. 58-70 degrees, then this is not the right option. These are very comfortable and have a generous 20mm of eye relief which makes eye placement very simple. Tony
  13. I have a Vixen LV5 and LV6 eyepiece for sale. NOW BOTH SOLD They are both in excellent condition and both eyepieces have their original caps (see pics). They are priced at £40 each, and this includes 2nd class Royal Mail signed for postage. Payment is by PayPal (no fees to me) or Bank Transfer. I am only selling them as I have decided to spend more time using my orthos. Tony
  14. Lancashire FS128 set up and ready for Jupiter

    Isn't it supposed to be pointed the other way? Or is Jupiter that low beneath the horizon....