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  1. Star Struck

    Talk to a Photographic Society ???

    I would also be prepared to touch on the software used to do post processing (especially if it is free). The members of these clubs tend to use Photoshop or similar and will want to know what they can achieve with that. Tony
  2. Star Struck

    Tak FC-100 - what will I gain?

    Many thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. I do not intend to sell the 120ED. However, if I want a light 100mm scope to use on my AzGTi and AZ5 mounts. then the tak DC or DF will give me different views than the 80ED I currently use on those mounts. I will have to give this some more thought. I wonder if Tak will produce a FOA100????
  3. I do visual astronomy only. Mostly solar system viewing but some deep sky when seeing permits. I currently own a SkyWatcher Equinox 120ED and was wondering what I would gain if I bought a Tak 100DL or Tak TSA 102? Will the stars be sharper? Will the moon look a thousand pounds better? What are your experiences? Tony
  4. Star Struck

    SkyWatcher AZ4 mount - SOLD

    Now SOLD....
  5. Star Struck

    SkyWatcher AZ4 mount - SOLD

    Near Southampton.
  6. I am selling my SkyWatcher AZ4 mount for £45 (NOT including postage). It is in good condition but shows some minor wear and tear. I have recently purchased an AZ5 mount and hence the AZ4 will no longer be used and deserves to go to a new home. Please contact me if you are interested.
  7. Star Struck

    COMPLETED - SkySurfer V finder

    Stu, I would like to buy it if still available. I have sent you a PM asking for your PayPal details. Tony
  8. Hi Ade, I had the same thing with an Equinox focuser. In the end I gave up and bought a Moonlte. Tony
  9. I only take pictures of the moon. Up to now, I have always used a Canon DSLR using a prime focus attachment to an ED80 scope. Using this method, I can take images in either portrait or landscape orientation using Live View (as far as I know no mirrors are involved). I have recently acquired a ZWO ASI120MM camera and have noticed some different behaviour. If I use the camera the "right way up" I get a landscape orientation, some times upside down depending on which way I turn the camera. If I rotate the camera 90 degrees (trying to get portrait orientation), I get the landscape image turned through 90 degrees. Two questions: 1. Why is this happening? What is the difference between the DSLR and ZWO camera when taking images. 2. Can you get portrait orientation with the ZWO camera? If so, how? Tony
  10. I buy from here: http://www.nipon-scope.com/ Tony
  11. They are ADM and they do have slits in them but they will only hold M6 bolts. I managed to find the answer on other forums. 2 solutions: 1. Drill or preferably tap M8 holes in the dovetail 35mm apart. 2. Use a recent version of the original white Vixen dovetail which happens to have 2 M8 holes tapped in the middle of it 35mm apart. Bu luck, I still had one of these lying around not being used, so result. Tony
  12. I have recently obtained a Tak clamshell (probably the only Tak item I will ever be able to afford...) and I want to attach it to a Vixen dovetail for use on my mount. The clamshell came with 2xM8 bolts, but none of the dovetails I own can take an M8 bolt. So, my question is to those of you that have done this before is how did you do it? I can see two possible options: 1. Drill out the dovetail to handle M8 bolts. 2. Use M6 bolts instead Tony
  13. Star Struck

    How to focus a DSLR

    Another option is to calculate the hyperfocal distance and use that. It is a well established daytime photography technique. There are plenty of references on the web, including online tools to help you. It is really simple to do and elimates a load of the problems trying to focus on the night shy.
  14. Star Struck

    First Light for the ASI290MM

    Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry if I may have inadvertantly sent the topic off at a tangent. Excellent images, I can only hope to achieve the same one day.

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