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  1. I will take the Takahashi TKA23250 M72 extension tube 50mm please.
  2. Berlebach do a M10 to 3/8 adapter. I have two of them and they are excellent. I believe FLO also have an equivalent adapter under a different name.
  3. There is one on ABS at the moment, been on there a couple of days. Listed as FOA60 plus extender.
  4. I have for sale my Vixen Heavy Duty Dovetail Bar. It is in very good condition with just a couple of usage marks. Length=290mm, Width=90mm. These retail at £70 new, I am asking £40 which includes signed for postage in the UK only. NOW SOLD.......
  5. I use the AzGTi to do white light solar imaging. I set up the mount so that it is level (essntial) and pointing north (not sure I need to do that). I manually locate the sun using the controls in the app and once found get it to track it. Works pretty well for me and rarely need to adjust the alignment. Tony
  6. Personally I would go for a TeleVue 2.5x Powermate. They come up reasonably often used.
  7. I will take the apm 13mm 100 please. will also send pm.
  8. I want to join the 100 club, so I am looking for an APM HDC-XWA 13mm 100 Degree AFOV Eyepiece. If you have one you want to sell, then please contact me. NOW FOUND.
  9. I have for sale my TeleVue Delite 11mm eyepiece which is in immaculate condition. These eyepieces are well known for their excellent sharpness and contrast. It comes complete with both caps and box. The price is £170 which includes RMSD in the UK only. Payment via PayPal(no fees to me)or Bank Transfer. NOW SOLD.
  10. The problem you have is lack of infocus. Changing the focuser will not help.
  11. You do not need an OCS, but you will need some kind of Barlow. Easiest option is to screw a t2 1.25 nosepiece into the t2ring on the binoviewer. Then buy a Barlow nosepiece and screw it onto the end of the t2 nosepiece. it worked for me on a similar scope.
  12. Do you have a link to the video.
  13. I have for sale my TS T2 to 2" adapter in good condition. The price is £25 posted in the UK. NOW SOLD.....
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