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  1. I'm using the celestron SkyPortal at the min so might keep my eye out on an deals for the skysafari. I'm all for saving a few bob if I can!
  2. Thanks all I was looking at sky safari but wasn't sure which level to go for. Sky safari 5 plus or pro?
  3. Hi all! Been away from hobby for a bit with work and life stuff! But getting back into it now. im looking for a good app to use on my phone or iPad to find items in the sky, what's the best Ines out there? thanks, Steve
  4. I'm going to highlands for week on sat, I'm hoping to have some clear nights! will have to try and ask some farmers over Shropshire way. Also Shropshire Astro society might be able to help us?
  5. Wouldn't fancy Cannock chase to be honest. It doesn't have the best reputation after hours ?
  6. I've not been on for a bit, got distracted with work stuff lol! But I'd be keen to get out more if we can find a good local place to observe from
  7. Hi all, does anyone know if you can get a wooden tripod for the slt mount? Always liked the look of the wooden ones ?
  8. Shame about Cosford as that was a really good site. I'll have a look around see if there are any others in the area.
  9. Evening get all! Just getting good back into astronomy after a rather long break, do you guys still meet up etc?
  10. Hi, I'm just getting back into astronomy, so would be good to get the group going again
  11. Hi I'm after a skywatcher 127 mak goto scope if anyone has one for sale. Steve
  12. So has anyone been out and about observing? Need to find a new observing site
  13. Not sure going to pay it by the weather as cloudy at min
  14. Farm still available. I was in Wales last night and views was stunning. Drop me a message when you plan to go over and ill try to join you.
  15. Any One Else having problems with tapatalk not showing new threads?
  16. I've just got the az4 for my 120mm ST refractor. The mount is fantastic, I don't know why skywatcher don't promote it more.
  17. You won't be disappointed if you get one. A small scope that packs a punch really.
  18. Because I wear glasses all the time I always keep mine spotless. Because of the quality of the lenses I have it makes no difference to the view through the eyepiece I have ordered a contact lens trial. So will see how I get on with them.
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