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    I did that!! *ps now i have a headache from all the head banging *
  2. I did that....arent we childish .....but stellarium screws up all of my PCs for some reason (it doesnt let you upgrade adobe shockwave player!) so it was either stellarium or youtube Dave PS stellarium was kicked out
  3. Welcome back Amanda!! Dave PS nice report...will you upload any holiday snaps on another thread??
  4. Well, some were compulsory...and I had to pick 4 :) I like learning (im the class 'nerd' :eyeroll: :)) and Im naturally clever I think!!
  5. LOL, seems from all the rubbish out there, the whole population of them has been wiped out LOL
  6. Webcams are good for planets, so they should be O.K.!!
  7. I'm doing Triple science, James, and that topic is there (the exam board is OCR)...cant wait!!
  8. Its gonna be a 6" reflector on it....and Martin, that mount is a BIT TOO STEEP Price wise!!!
  9. The image looks sharper from a distace away...!! Very good Dave
  10. Good luck and don't stay up TOO late LOL Dave
  11. Well, a LP filter and a nebula / OIII would enchance details...
  12. ....considering all the 'mechanical problems' that could arise? Any one have this odel? Cheers , Dave
  13. LOL!! Should put them up for trade.... refurbished £2.19 eBay binos trade for a family Car
  14. How do you do it ?? Looks Great!! must have stayed up late for that to come over the horizon Dave
  15. Nice, can actually see the little planet on its way round jupiter.... Dave
  16. .............will be doing (here we go) : AS & A2 Italian (A-Level Italian [got an A* in my GCSE]) French GCSE R.E. GCSE English & English Literature GCSE Maths GCSE History GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs I.C.T. GCSE P.E. (not GCSE) And thats it!! I'm in Year 10 now (11 years of school...I need a break :p!!). For those of you who are wondering, I only did Italian because my mum is Italian, so I'm bilingual. (Although I speak French, English, Italian, German, words of Spanish and about 2 words of Portugese[!!]) Being modest here, I'm one of the brightest people in my year group, and I'm expected to get A* in everything (according to the reports my teachers have to write predicting my grades), although I probably won't get A* in my English course (I HATE English :mad::mad:). Well, thanks for reading, this is my first ever blog!! Please comment!!! Dave :) P.S. I hope I can squeeze a bit of astronomy in there too :p!!
  17. Is this even posible?? Could anyone tell me?? Cheers, Dave
  18. I was going to buy one of them about 6 months ago... until I signed up here!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FOR SGL!!!!!!!!!!!
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