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  1. Hi guys, anyone found any maps as pointers to find this asteroid as my apps are not listing it and Stellaium won't run on my outdated Mac. From the UK, thanks in advance.
  2. I love it any new features for the Android app or just computer?
  3. Take a look at "Satellite Safari" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.southernstars.satellite_safari I have downloaded this and it's very tidy. I know a lot of people use heavens above but for an Android phone this is a very pleasing app.
  4. Great report and some awesome tips.
  5. Nice report does indeed look like a lot of people ventured out.
  6. I think with the hour extra everyone had the same thought! Sadly my horizon didn't allow me to see Mercury although I spotted it naked eye on my way to work in the week.
  7. I set my alarm for 4 a.m to get up and view the nice views of Venus,Jupiter and Mars and ready to take some pictures. I awoke to said alarm and and as the Met office had predicted the skies were beautiful clear. So I set up the scope and let it cool whilst making cup of Coffee number 1 then head out have a quick squizz over the planets. I then mount the camera to the scope ready to capture the amazing views but to my horror the blumming batteries were dead! Luckily 2 of my children woke up so the session was saved as we had a look at the planets, Jupiter was very low on my Eastern horizon and sadly the heat haze of the neighbours did play havoc,Venus looked like it was half crescent and Mars a brilliant red, orions belt and Pleiades and they were genuinely interested. Lesson learnt check your kit before you get up ato silly o' clock.
  8. Could I be missing an adapter? The set up is fine apart from the cam/barlow/scope configuration. Cam/scope barlow/scope are fine.
  9. I have the T ring adapter for the Pentax and Tal. The Barlow doesnt fully slide into the scope.I'll upload next time I'm out.
  10. M31 was my target last night. I found it and as I went up in power it got worse so I stuck to my 25mm Eye piece. Still a lovely sight and hope to image it one day. Nice find though ...only took me 10 months lol. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. I have a Pentax ist D and a Tal but my 2 Barlow which are a X2 and x3 don't fit when I connect my DSLR to the scope. Anyone with a similar set up know any particular types of Barlow that do? The problem is the the Barlows seem to rest on the camera's mirror when connected.
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