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  1. I have an EQ5 and have removed mine many times. Just unscrew the Polar scope out like a bolt and screw in the new one until tight. Job done.
  2. Anyone got any advice? This is driving me nuts! Q1: Why do Northernhemisphere observers have the polaris indicator pointing down? Q2: If all observations start with the time and date at zero why does my polar finder software place polaris 4 hours further forward in R.A when it is set to zero 00.00hrs. Q3: Wouldn’t it make sense to set the polar scope to the same position as the software at zero so both are in sync with each other or am I missing something?
  3. Now that sounds like a bad case of Chardonnay deficiency!
  4. Hi fellow gazers I've been doing astronomy on and off since I was a teenager. I was given my first scope from my mum and dad one birthday and on my next adventure into gazing I built a 6-inch reflector. I later sold it due to work commitments and other boring stuff. Lately I reintroduced my self-back into astronomy when I bought an 8inch Equatorial Sky Watcher with a synscan unit. Again work and other boring stuff still plagues my observing but this time I do not intend to give up. I intend to familiarise my self with polar alignment for the first time, view all the sights I have missed in the
  5. Greeting s fellow gazers from newbie Roy

    1. ghostdance


      Greetings back! Nice avatar - good looking chap! Specs maketh the monkey :) Steve

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