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  1. Thank you everyone I had a few stability issues, my camera makes the scope heavy in the mount now so it was a bit of a juggling act in the end. Can't wait for the next clear night! Louise
  2. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my photo I took last night. While it's no where near the standard of everyone else's images, it's one of my first attempts with my canon 1300D and I'm really pleased with it! Thanks for looking
  3. Congratulations, that's a beautiful image!
  4. I've just finished cleaning my lenses. Same as everyone else, I used optical fluid and lens tissues. I did find out though that it's best to be spraring with the amount of fluid used on the tissue!
  5. I'm a bit late to this post, but my favourite crate is Proclus. It was the fist one I picked out and learned the name of so it's special ☺ I love looking around the Appenines too, they always look different!
  6. Thanks for all the hard work you do behind the scenes. This forum is brilliant, and while I'm more of a lurker than a poster, I appreciate all you do to keep it running smoothly.
  7. Nice idea, I'll try the targets. It will give my observing some structure!
  8. Beautiful image, and I learned a lot from the description too!
  9. I've just started week 2 and it looks like it will be a bit more informative this week! 2.27, Black Hole Cannibal sounds really intriguing!
  10. Brilliant, thank you! I'll try that next time I get out.
  11. Orion for me too, it was the first I learned to pick out as a kid and I still find it just as exciting now when it comes back into view!
  12. Thanks for your comments everyone Wow lowjiber, it's pretty tiny! Is it possible I've seen it and not noticed?
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