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  1. Hey guys, Is it possible to have a setup which will re-acquire guide star after meridian flip and continue on autoguiding? If so how would i go about doing this? The mount i currently use is CGEM.
  2. @Demonperformer thanks mate. I don't have anything running as yet, looking to start from scratch so want to do whatever i need to do properly from get go. I am going to spend a fair amount of time going through the material you sent to figure out the intricacies.
  3. hi all, been a while since i was on here (thanks to renos and moving to new home). Getting excited to start getting into observing and imaging again but prior to that been looking into PEC. Does anyone have detailed steps on how to properly do PEC (especially using PEC Tool) for a CGEM? Also does PEC have to be done before every object you image or is it a once off things that once you upload to the CGEM its permanently sorted? I am reading celestron blogs, documents and experiments people have undertaken that PEC should only be done before you image an object and it would only apply for that imaging session. Thanks in advance
  4. If your DSLR has video capability, then you are better off recording the video and then stacking the images in say RegiStax to get the best possible image.
  5. @NosyTrader - At the time best i was able to accomplish was about 3-4 min exposure and even then you can tell there was a bit of a drift. Really need 10 min subs to make the detail pop out. My biggest problem is i don't have a spot for permanent setup so every time i take out my set i need to setup and PA which costs couple hours. Hopfully in the next couple months i will have a permanent spot.
  6. Thanks guys. I need a lot of practice in processing images, so i can't wait to hit sculptor up again after a proper PA.
  7. Heya Thought i share one of my first tries at Galaxy, in this case Sculptor Galaxy. It was a single exposure (didn't figure out PA at that time), so finally got around to putting it to good use. Hoping in next few weeks to get a proper go at it.
  8. I image with a 40d and i can tell you even in dead of night, once you move more than 3 meters away the sounds is minute. I image near my bedroom window (so i can keep an eye out for equipment due to local wildlife) and even when its open, there is no sound (its about 5 meters away from setup). Unless you got a very heavy mirror the sound it makes every X minutes would be minute, and if anything would sound more like a cricket doing its thing in the night rather a mechanical device.
  9. Guider is meant to remove any worm gear errors out of equation, i.e. make ever slight adjustments to ensure your image is dead center. What makes the image stays dead center is the polar alignment. Without polar alignment (proper one), you are fighting an uphill battle as your guider is constantly having to chase the image and not correct for it. So without PA may be a issue you facing
  10. Hey neighbour, welcome to SGL
  11. I strongly recommend posting this in the Imaging - DSO so it can get the proper accolades. Good job
  12. Hi guys, I am looking to up the ante on my astrophotography so i got a few questions for you. 1. any place that sells them (can be anywhere in world as I'm outside of UK) 2. any experience with monochrome dslr and if so how did it turn out for you Thanks for the assistance ahead of time.
  13. Have a look into how to do masks to remove light pollution and light gradients. There are some good tutorials out there that will substantially improve the quality of your end result. I have had similar issue (especially when stretching) when you get that nasty gradient, with masks it clears up most of it.
  14. Great pic but should be moved to Imaging thread to get the proper accolades
  15. My advice (as i have set this up). Get a el cheapo laptop running windows 7 as a bare minimum. Mount it onto your platform and leave it there. Use a tablet to remote into the said machine and voila you are set. Works beautifully for me. Plus i don't have to worry about processing power or ports and all that junk as the laptop already has everything. I put shrink wrap around open ports and heat shrinked it to cover them up to prevent dew.
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