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  1. Did anybody ever tried something like this?.... I know it's not an ideal example, just the concept itself. The benefit would be its economical "power", ability to adjust amount of light and mabe ever a source of warm air for you hands!
  2. Unfortunately, "flirting" before marriage can make a girl "falling In love" with her boyfriend's interests and hobbies. Remember how she "loved" to go with you to watch football game, or happy giggling around with your best friends? Well, how often down the road football becomes "stupid racing on the field of never grown up children" and your best friends a "bunch of clowns". I've heard somewhere that "Man hopes his women will never change after marriage. And woman is confident that she will change her man". Fortunately it's not always true, but it happens...
  3. Ok, this is a tough question for some people... What's your spouse opinion about your astronomical hobby? So why this is a tough question? Because my wife thinks its a "big waste of money and time"! Buying equipment in environment like that is not easy. Large items like tripod and tube going through a big drama of pre-purchasing negotiations with my wife. Christmas list filled with what you need, but it's not enough to complete your collection of gadgets and toys for astronomical observation. Since buying online today dominating the way people shop around, no way I can hide from my wife any purchases paid by credit cards. Paying cash is the only one solution, but how do I pay for my filters, eyepieces, adapters etc...? Here is how... When my wife wants to go and relax in casino (hey, it's way better than "starring into the dark sky" and not a "waste of money" at all...!), I am going too. No, I am not trying to win big bucks for my next telescope. I am not even gambling at all. I am taking $100-$200 and while my wife supporting strong profits of casino owners, I am smoking cigar somewhere in the lounge. When she's done and ready to go home, I am telling her that my money in the same place now as hers... She's never felt bad about it! Next question is, how do I pay cash for my optical gear online? Very easy. I am giving cash to my friend, who's buying for me what I need with his credit card. I was thinking that this way I can save enough money to buy a 16" Dob one day. The only problem here will be when it will arrive to my door steps I will need to explain my wife who bought me such a nice gift... So, what's your's "sweetheart's" opinion about your astro-hobby?...
  4. Fast telescopes always promoted by retailers and highly regarded by astronomical community. My knowledge in this field is minimal and I believed that if I want to upgrade the scope It needs to be much better than what I have now. Since the "speed" so highly valued, going from f5 to f3.9 would be a logical step. My personal assumption was that faster scope would give me "more objects per square inch" in the view, and brighter DSO's. I have to mention as well, that I observe through a Binoviewer and not sure which way it will effect the whole "delicacy" of such a fast scope. Another factor that slightly pushing me toward faster scope is potential AP in the distant future (when I will have more time...).
  5. I am planning down the road to upgrade my telescope. So, I am wondering if I will benefit a lot from getting f3.9 fast 8" or 10" telescope which mainly will be used for observation. I read a lot about the fact that fast scopes are usually used for Astro photography. Is it really that "bad" for observation and why? I know I would need to use the coma corrector. If this is only a problem, what else is not suitable there for skywatching, or is the "speed" of my new telescope not that important for sky observation? By the way, I have right now 6" f5 Reflector Newtonian.
  6. Thank you for your comments guys. The iPhone 4 is rather "old" compare to the "6" model (which has a much better camera). Unfortunately the adapter I am using now designed for the iPhone 4. It's very cool piece with little "balancer" that I made to keep my phone in any orientation I want. Will check some apps to twick exposure and maybe new adapter for iPhone 6.
  7. It was about a week ago. I went outside and noticed in the sky two bright stars. My astronomy "expertise" told me to grab my iPad and see through an astronomical app what am I looking at. It was Venus and Jupiter. Since work and family hijacked completely my time I had limited access to my telescope... This time I quickly dragged my simple 6" Newtonian set up outside.The excitement was overwhelming. After aiming at Venus, for the first time in my life (don't laugh) I witnessed a distant planet with my own eyes! It was beautiful! It had its surface in about 1/3 shadow. Not very large but very bright and colorful. Shortly after that I aimed at the Jupiter and could not believe my eyes. While it was smaller in size than Venus, it had clearly visible striped surface and it's four satellites arrangement. Not only that, I could see a tiny dot shadow on the Jupiter's surface casted by one of its satellites. I took my iPhone and tried to capture what I see, but with no option to adjust exposure, Jupiter in video looks like a bright overexposed Moon. After all, I spent the rest of my evening staring at this beauties through my Binoviewer until they disappeared behind the hills.
  8. Just in case I took a video of the Moon as well...
  9. Took couple pics of the Moon today during the day and placed them into my "gallery" album. Interesting observation. Not so much of a contrast but the blue sky makes the Moon look much more elegant.
  10. Altitude

    iPhone film roll

    This is a "budget" uproach to Astrophotography and not an attempt to compete with quality cameras on this forum. iPhone + 6" Newtonian Telescope.
  11. I am speechless. Without a question we blew our money on Hubble if we can do this from earth... My hat is off. Bravo!!!
  12. If you can use a screwdriver, you can adjust an "alignment" on Dobsonian telescope without a problem. Dobsonians also don't need a tripod, which can cost you waaaay more than a telescope. My personal advice is to buy the best telescope on which you can afford to "loose" your money. I meant if you will quit this hobby and never sell the scope, you will not be condemning yourself for it. That's what I did.
  13. I would suggest to present a book or even an app on astronomy first. If there is a sign of a strong curiosity on the subject, then don't waste your money and buy something dicent. Poor quality telescope can turn away the interest, or simply make astronomy unattractive. If the book or an app will be forgotten few days later, at list you spend not so much money like on a telescope.
  14. No patch. Two eyes wide open... Go binoviewer!
  15. Astronomers are looking at REAL, obviously existent objects in the sky...
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