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  1. I have to go out a fair way from home to get decent dark-ish skies so I bit the bullet and bought a Sky Watcher power tank. It might not have been the cheapest way of doing things but it does exactly what I need it to do with minimum hassle.
  2. Hi, welcome and DAMN that's a nice moon pic.... well done!
  3. niiiiiiiice images...... love them!
  4. Sage advice from both Ronin and Sara above. If your budget's around that, it might be worth seeing if you can stretch it to the Skywatcher 130P. The shorter focal length and faster focal ratio will make it a bit better for AP if that's your aim while, from the few reviews I can find, also giving better visual performance. It's a bit more expensive but then Astronomy is an expensive hobby. It's def worth getting Making Every Photon Count when you're ready to start looking into photography. Most people on here have it and highly recommend it (just ordered mine). If you're starting out just exploring the sky visually, it's also worth investing in some decent eyepieces. There are lots of options and there is a certain element of "get what you pay for" in that it's generally worth spending a bit more to get a better eyepiece if you can. They can make such a huge difference to your viewing experience and the ones that come with either of the scopes you're looking at won't be that good I'm afraid. I can personally vouch for the Celestron X-Cel LX range. They aren't cheap, but not actually that expensive as eyepieces go and will improve your viewing greatly over the eyepieces you'll get with yor scope. It's also well worth finding your local Astro club and having a chat with the members. They'll be able to show you what you can expect to get for your money, give you a chance to see what they can do and be able to suggest where you'll be able to go for supplies as and when you need them. Good luck and good hunting.....
  5. Both are gonna be good scopes but Jimbo is certainly right about going to your local Astro club and seeing what's really what. As many folks on here will tell you, the best scope for you is the one you'll use most, not necessarily the biggest you can afford. The 150P/EQ3-2 will be more portable but I found my 200P manageable on an EQ5. I use a car to transport my gear from home to my usual location and it takes 3 or 4 trips from the house to the car to load/unload but if that's not a problem for you then it might be worth considering. If you can't get to an Astro club, find a local stockist where you can at least view both scopes before you decide. Good hunting...
  6. I'll be honest and say I didn't. I'll give that a try and see what happens. I'm still rather new to all this AP stuff so experiments with the moon and planets are where I'm starting before moving on to DSO's. Thanks,
  7. The BFJ

    New member

    Hi and welcome to SGL!
  8. Hi all, this may be a bit of a dumb question but how long a video would you recommend for conversion and stacking in Registax? The other night I recorded about 30s worth in .mov of the moon with my Canon DSLR on 1080p 24fps, totalling about 800 frames. When I converted it into avi and stacked in using Registax, there was no noticeable improvement in image quality compared to as single photo taken in RAW and converted to jpeg. Do I need to take longer recordings to get more frames before it becomes likely to give a significant improvement? Or am I doing something else wrong? Any and all suggestions gratefully received. I've included the stacked image and a single photo taken on the same night for comparison: single image 1st - and stacked 2nd - Thanks all....
  9. I could be wrong but, as long as it fits in your focuser tube and takes your eyepieces ok (ie 1.25in or 2in) it should be ok. Just bear in mind that doubling the mag won't always give you the best image. Sometimes all it will do is show up the flaws in the atmospheric conditions etc. It also may depend on what kit you have. What barlow and eyepieces will you be using? What scope will they be used with?
  10. Welcome back to SGL. Very glad to hear we don't have to use our 'scopes to find you.
  11. +1 for Skywatcher 8in reflectors! I LOVE my 200PDS. I can also say with confidence that the Celestron AVX mount is also excellent. Of course, they don't come as a combo package from anywhere I can find but the HEQ5 mount is also highly rated and you can get the 2 together for about £1000:- http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200pds-heq5-pro.html I'd also recommend setting some money aside for upgrading your eyepieces as soon as is practical as the one (s) most scopes come with are pretty basic and don't perform that well. Making Every Photon Count is a highly recommended read too... Hope that helps.
  12. nice work big chris! great photos, especially for a 1st attempt. well done here's one I did a while ago....
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