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  1. Pleased to see that you manage to sort it. Like you, (and many others over the years), I've fallen foul to the "failed to load driver EQMOD". In my case using Cartes du Ciel. Having recently moved to Windows 10 my laptop works fine but my mount-driving-PC is still a pain! Could you confirm please (for the easily confused), as well as deleting the .ini's in AppData\Roaming\EQMOD, do I need to do the same for EQMOD_SIM? And do I need to load the ASCOM Platform again before installing the EQMOD modules? Thanks, Dave
  2. Many thanks. Ok bolt, bolt, washer, ball race, washer, plate. I'd appreciate any thoughts on why the pier bolt works loose after a number of polar aligns and adjustment of the RA bolts? Thanks
  3. The "hand tight" bolt that goes through the top plate of the pier extension to secure the mount comes with 2 washers an a ball race. Very elementary question. Is it designed to fit bolt, washer, plate, ball race, washer or bolt, plate washer, ball race, washer? Thanks
  4. I know others are working well with the Backyard/AT but, are there any other tips please? I have the "enable TCP server" ticked but still get the dreaded "failed to connect to BackyardEos" from AstroTotilla. I can take pictures directly from Backyard so the camera is connected and have set up the fields in AT according to those suggested in Lightvortex... tutorial but just can't get started on plate solving. (Hair is getting too thin to pull much more out)
  5. Thanks Michael! No wonder I'm not making progress with "Cartes". I hadn't realised that it didn't start up in real time. Do you have a pre-beginners' section? :-) Regards, Dave
  6. So far so good, But! I've downloaded latest data on minor planets but Cartes du Ciel still hasn't updated the location of Comet Lovejoy. (I still shows it above Sirius). What do I need to do to show the current location? Thanks
  7. And about time too! I've been following various posts for a while, and I'm hoping that I can now tap into the practical experiences of the SGL community. I've a Meade LX200 and a Williams Optics refractor and am keen to get some decent images.
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