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  1. The Herschel space observatory had detected water vapour from those regions a few years back
  2. Thanks. Yes that's what I suspected too. Im at 82% opacity and 82% fill here! Here it is at 35% What do you think between the two?
  3. Lovely clear sky here last night so had a go at M51, not sure if the luminance layer in PS is too strong? How much percentage would most use or does it depend each time? (Taken with mn190 & Atik 383L with Baader RGB filters, 4 Hrs Total)
  4. Sounds like you had a great night. Yeah Uley is a bit more south of me, I bet you got some good views up on the Uley hill? Unfortunately the clouds came over head after I had setup in clear sky's. I was probably only just under the clouds to the north if it was clear in Uley. I have a velux window in the spare room which I put in last summer it's a great way to double check now without going outside! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks Ant, I did only mean this in jest, apologies for any miss understandings to any one. You have a great site here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I've only used the modded life cam studio for video of the moon which was pretty good, I bought it on ebay. I have read overall its no where as good as the spc 900. Keep an eye out on astro buy and sell they come up now and again.
  7. Yeah its good, at least you can only blame yourself with it!
  8. Could the speedy moderators who gave me lashes for using a mild swear word please correct my childish spelling mistake of the title forecast please!? Thanks.
  9. Looks like you south east lot may be lucky tonight, though depending on which forecast you want to trust!?
  10. May be I'm a feeling a little tired from lack of sleep due to having young children waking up all hours but tonight I got annoyed as after lugging out the scope and kit which weighs over 50k and setting up, the clouds rolled in. I do blame myself in part as I only checked the bbc forcast for our postcode: But clear outside said: But what I usually check is sat24 which always seems the best to use to predict the weather my self: X marks me spot! It just seems crazy that I have to do my own weather forecast my self every time I use the scope all night!? I guess I'm not the only one!? At least
  11. Just worked out my 'portable' setup weighs over 50 kilo! Wish I had an obsy!

    1. Daniel-K


      Have you got steel rods inserted into your back and bionic arms?

    2. BenDavis


      Lol, no I don't but I should it may help!

  12. This has saved me before it has an app too. http://www.rain-alarm.com/
  13. Thanks! Yeah I had lots of issues with dss, I think that's normal with comets!? I used the mount for tracking, no guiding this time. The images from dss all had star trails (as that's the best I could get, I think love joy moves too fast to obtain otherwise!?) which I used PS to remove and then I added a single sub of 60seconds to give the stationary stars for the background. Hope that helps/makes sense!? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Took this of Lovejoy last night. Got a bit more of the tail now but I think that's the comet improving rather than me! As always any advice taken! 1Hr ish LRGB MN190+383L+ DSS (felt like 6 hours) + PS
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