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  1. i've been reading a book by allan hall called getting started, long exposure astrophotography. got a kindle edition for about nine bucks. he says you can't use a dslr and live view for guiding because the screen will shut down from thermal overload after a while, and there is also a delay in the image being written to the screen, which would wreak havoc on the guiding portion of your night out.
  2. i don't think i've seen Backyard EOS mentioned here. it's got everything needed to control a canon. and it's only 38 bucks or so.
  3. all you have to do it drill holes in the short dovetail bar that match the holes in the bottom of the etx. drill them 5/16" and a 1/4-20 machine screw will drop right in and thread into the etx. but what you also have to do is dril a fairly large counter bore in the dovetail bar so the bar will fit into the saddle of the mount. i know this works because i did it the other day using a piece of dovetail bar, an etx, the little shoe off an eon80 and a big aluminum billet. the etx has the eon80 shoe screwed to it, and that in turn is screwed to the piece of aluminum, and the dovetail bar is screwed to the side of the billet so that i can mount all this in my versago 111. it's the work of a second to screw the dovetail bar to the bottom of the billet so i can mount this on my atlas.
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    Hi all--- i normally just jump right into a forum and skip the introduction, but today is do it differently day. l live just outside of Boston Ma in the US and have been a science geek for most of my life, even if i lack the necessary mathematical acumen to have made any kind of career out of it. I'm a pastry chef by expericence, education, training and temperament. i work for the world's largest natural and organic foods retailer. i've always been interested in the night sky and was lucky to have a mother who was very interested in the natural world and who taught us the basic constellations at a very early age, something which stayed with me. in the early 90's i saw a show on john dobson on public tv and before too long i had made a 4" dobsonian with bought components and a 6" dob with a handmade by me mirror. i saw the holes in Jupiter's atmosphere made by shoemaker levy and that was pretty much what i had come for, so i sold one telescope and stored the other. in a damp place where everything rusted so i eventually rebuilt it. and then i got the bug and have accumulated mass quantities of equipment. i tried to get one of everything...8" truss dob, bought mirror, self made scope, a c8, a long and a short refractor, an eon 80 and celestron 102gt, an etx 90, a levy comet hunter and an asahi pentax oldy but goody 60mm. i've got a philips sn whatever that number is, a meade dsi II pro and a canon dslr and all the software to use them all. it all sits, in its turn, on an atlas. I have no class of targets that i favor over another..i'll look at anything, and i also spend lots of time reading about space, cosmology, and the people past and present who work in those fields.
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