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  1. For Sale due to lack of use and no time for seeing. Meade etx90 in hard case comes with the following Alluminium tripod and carry bag in hardwearing nylon with carry strap 1. 2 X Barlow lense 2. 2 Meade lenses 1 red dot finder original equipment 1 red dot finder by opticstar cast item much better upgrade from the original The bad bits, some of the corners on the hard case are coming apart not damaged just coming apart easy repair there is a crack in the aluminium base on the tripod this was like this when i got it it in no way affects the scopes use(shown in
  2. yes i would say it is ive just modified my wish list lol
  3. this is on my wish list https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Meade-LXPS-17-LXPS17-Power-Supply-UK/322190789341?hash=item4b04114add:g:taYAAOSwygJXhh2U:rk:24:pf:0
  4. found this online couldn't find any notification for this event but apologies if its already been posted https://www.space.com/34587-taurid-meteor-shower-guide.html
  5. Thanks for all the info, I've learned much already and now have a much better understanding of eye pieces and as a bonus I now know that scopes can be fast or slow, and why they are.
  6. sorry if this is a stupid question but what is a fast scope? i wasn't aware a scope could be fast? so much to learn lol
  7. all that makes perfect sense i am not after one upmanship but your point is at the core of what im saying is spending the big money just about the bling i love good watches but im fully aware they only tell the same time as the cheap ones.
  8. Hi kev thanks for your reply i have a meade etx 90 its my first scope, and i intend concentrating on our moon and solar system while getting used to my scope and learning the night sky with the help of stellarium and a pair of binoculars, i have bigger goals than that but thats for the future i have the two ep's that came with the scope and dont really have any complaints but i have nothing to compare them with and just wondered if buying better quality was worth the money.
  9. A couple of questions about ep quality v price, the question is is there always direct link between quality and price? prices vary so much from very cheap to expensive, does paying more money always get you a better product and is the difference in quality that noticeable also what difference would i notice between the cheap and expensive, i understand that to an extent you get what you pay for but is the extra money going to get you a little or a lot of improvement? What are the brands/manufacturers that give the best bang for your buck? Thing is there are so many ways to waste money for the
  10. arrived today well packaged very pleased with it thank you very much Steve
  11. I am looking to get a power supply for my Meade ETX90 sp i dont have to keep putting batteries in it,but i have been told i need to find out if the jack plug is pin positive so as not to damage the electronics , does anyone know if it is or how i can find out if it is, my knowledge of electronics is pretty much none existant. I am planning on using one of those car booster starter packs with a cigarette lighter socket to plug a transformer in to drop the voltage to 9v .
  12. I have a great insurance policy, she weighs about 7 stone has very large teeth and goes by the name of Lilly she also doubles up as an excellent alarm as so much as a stray leaf lands in the garden she wakes all the street, oh yeah and she doesn't like people very much, i rely on the fact that anybody looking for an easy payday would probably go next door instead, its worked so far.
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