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  1. Welcome in, I hope you have a great time, there is a tremendous amount of experience on this site
  2. Welcome in Geoff, Im down in Devon, glad you chose to join us :-)
  3. It was Ieper that we visited, very warm but cloudy at night (when it wasn't raining) Lovely people indeed
  4. I'm looking to buy a filter for my skywatcher it is supposed to improve viewing the moon. 1st question is does it make a difference And 2nd question £8 to £80?? Does increased cost make a huge difference? Cheers guys Mick
  5. We are visiting Belgium for a couple of days on the bike, 29 c and clear ish sky's I just wish we could fit the sky watcher on it
  6. Apologies i appear to be getting withdrawal symptoms, I cant even see the moon at silly 'o' clock hopefully I am alone?
  7. welcome in Chris, hopefully the clouds WILL move on
  8. Thankyou for raising this topic, there is some great advice being offered which I shall follow
  9. It seems to be cloudy all the time down here! I reckon at least nearly 3 months since clear skies were available at night
  10. Welcome in Chris, hope you are getting more clear skies than Devon
  11. It is now December, the lights go off about 1.30 am and on about 05.30 am... its still cloudy and windy (give the weather fronts as many cuddly names as you want, they are not cuddly) the geminids approach, cant wait
  12. In its continual search for money savings the council now turns the street lights off at night, just need a clear sky now, one week and still waiting..
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