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  1. Hi Btw it’s the new version EQ5 got it for £180 I gather that is a very good price
  2. hi all I have managed to get a EQ 5 but with no motion controls but hoping the motion controls on my EQ2 will do the job all so one other thing missing is the screw to set the AZ are these easy to obtain plus I stll need to get the tube rings regards Paul
  3. hi all really appreciate all the reply's and ideas I think I will go with the EQ5 option in the new year if theres any in stock anywhere. Picking up the 150p on Monday which is apparently in the condition when it left the factory/store never been used hence no base, comes with the stock EP's 10 & 25 any suggestions on the EP will be great but I will upgrade in due course. All so some time along the line will also get a telrad finder and may be a tracking motor all the best Paul
  4. Hi I am going to try the tube rings first which size dove tail do you recommend I will get them first then save some cash.Have been looking at the EQ5 looks a decent mount and tripod
  5. Hi its a tube with out the base could I attach tube rings and mount on a tripod as it looks the same size as a skywatcher 150pl 1200mm , if it could work what size tripod would I need as for building a base not sure if I’m capable regards
  6. Hi there sorry if this is the wrong section to post I have took the plunge and taken stock dobsonian skywatcher 150p OTA only.Is it possible to get the base on its own or will I have to get one man unfortunately out of my league or are there any other options be grateful for any feed back many thanks Paul
  7. Hi thanks for the replys At the moment I may well go for the AZgti from flo optics,I see on there site its a 1-2 day delivery for the mount and basic tripod and up to 60 day wait for the Sky-Watcher 3/8" Stainless Steel Tripod. So before i order the mount and tripod and waiting time for delivery will the mount fit on my EQ2 mount tripod while I wait for the Sky-Watcher 3/8" Stainless Steel Tripod. Many thanks P.S have been looking also at the DSV-1 where could this be purchased from in the U.K
  8. Hi thanks for the reply’s for the goto mount for the SW130 I have being looking at Sky watcher AZ gti and for the manual sky watcher AZ5 deluxe and of course a good tripod many thanks
  9. Many thanks proto star I have started a new thread also I do like the look of the 200p many thanks
  10. Hi Which mount would be ok for a SW 130p don't mind manual but would prefer a goto budget will be around £400 and soon maybe upgrade to a Skywatcher explorer 200p many thanks
  11. hi thanks for the reply’s I think I will drop the astrophotograph idea for now and stick with just viewing for now so I need to get a tripod and mount for the 130p would you recommend goto or manual many thanks
  12. Hi everyone Thank you for the feed back I have found a skywatcher 130p while clearing out my shed on sunday it has the tube rings and dove tail but no mount completely forgot it was there been up there some years amonst all the junk. So my budget will be around the £400 I do have a nikon D3500 camara so i would like to have a go with that and the telescope so what goto mount and tripod for the 130p would you recommend or might save some more and get the skymax 127 many thanks
  13. hi sorry if this in the wrong section looking to get either one of these telescopes so I can have it left in the car when out & about Bresser Refractor 80/400 Goto Telescope or the Meade ETX70/80 or 90 Observer has anyone had any of these be grateful for any feedback many thanks
  14. Hi there Have just recently picked up a Celestron 76LCM from a work colleague for £70 have inserted the battery's and seems to work ok. I know a 76 my not be the best scope to use and I see they have these up to a 114 is it possible to go any higher i.e 127 or 130 with this computerized mount,many thanks Paul
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