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  1. Rudist


    First shots
  2. Hi and welcome to the lounge
  3. Welcome and greetings from another beginner
  4. Hi and welcome, happy stargazing
  5. Welcome and good luck! You can check "Digital SLR astrophotography" by M.Covington - available in many online shops. Can help in technical aspects of imaging and processing.
  6. Thank you all for your warm welcome. Location: Warsaw, so big town and big light pollution I must take the gear and use my car to catch some clearer sky. The advantage of this situation is I'm always shooting from a nice and natural place somewhere
  7. Hello Stargazers! Greetings from Poland. I have just started my journey to the astrophotography world, being thrilled and astonished as probably all newbies Whole my life I was staring at rocks just below my feet because I am paleontologist (well, not professional but rather enthusiast)... so this is the time to raise my eyes and check what is going on above . I have been impressed by deep sky objects since I can remember. Pictures of the universe - this is the only thing which can compete with the beauty created by mother nature and evolution. All those beautiful creatures and plants we can
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