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  1. I had terrible trouble dtring my slywatcher 5 inch to my nikon d3200..Never could get a clear image
  2. I give up!! Tried the moon with t-ring barlow,nothing,tried t-ring barlow with another barlow..nothing,just can't focus when moving the focus wheel forward.Think I may as well sell my stuff I bought
  3. I know all about failing in astrophotography lol..I can't even get my scope to focus on anything,the black plastic stops the focuser from going any further..I hope you do better next time
  4. Hi daveniko..There isn't one near me and I don't have a car.. I just don't want to cut off the plastic so it can move forward.It may work for them moon though,can't even see the moon at the moment so don't know where it is so I can use it. When I use the eyepiece in my scope I have to wind the focus back towards me but with the camera in the scope I have to move it forward to focus.. Iritating..
  5. yeah same here,really fed up of the weather.Should I,shouldn't I for 30 mins lol
  6. I can see the bands and moons but I have to use the standard eye pieces and with my eyes not great it could be better if I had young eyes lol.. I just wish I could view it a bit larger
  7. Think everyone has stopped talking to me haha..I tried the barlow t-ring in the other scope and no show,its just a tiny bit of a turn,honestly so fed up!!
  8. i love looking at Jupiter but it's so far away all I can see is like a pea at arms length.I only have a 130p skywatcher but tried a 25mm with x2 barlow which looked ok but tried a 8mm and it was like a tint to it which spoiled it..
  9. I had a friend send me a pdf format file of Turn left at Orion..Looks pretty good so far
  10. I must add that pic is from Google as it was just to show what. I had seen
  11. Cheers. I just got my new tripod few mins ago so will do the candle time lapse soon. I need to have cam quite far away because the lens steams up if too close.
  12. yeah the weather been awful past 2 weeks,first time tonight I had a small window to stargaze for a few minutes
  13. Is that wht it was? I did see a few very bright stars in the cloud mist if that what I was seeing?
  14. yes I was looking at the sword,not the bright 3 stars ..It wasn't that clear to be honest but I did have a fare few drinks of my home made wine but was quite sober I need to get the belt and the sword in right order lol
  15. Thanks..I have it on F18 and ISO @ 100..Shutter speed at ? many thanks
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