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  1. While looking at Mars through my skywatcher refractor on sunday night I got a straight black line through the planet. When i took a look through my binoculars it was still there. It was only on Mars not the Moon or any other body. ?? Any one have any ideas. Thanks Cush
  2. Ive got the Skywatcher 120 600 refractor. Im using astro revelation plossl 12 and 6mm lenses. Thanks!
  3. Hi Guys, Recently purchased an astro revelation 2.5x barlow lens. I cant get a sharp focus with it. I focus in as far as I can but not quite getting a clear image. Any ideas? Thanks Cush.
  4. Guys, Ive just got a Skywatcher with diameter 120mm and a focal length of 600mm . What should I get to replace the 25mm and 10 mm eyepieces Ive got with the scope. Thanks Cush.
  5. Hi Guys, Looking at getting started with first proper telescope. My son and me like looking at the planets and the odd nebula if poss! Will have about £250 to spend , Thanks ,the Cushes.
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