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  1. I don't know for sure, but suspect its Win 7. If it is, would there be anyway of getting it to work?
  2. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. I started with Photgraphy too and have progressed to Astro Photography with a lot of help from this forum. I'm sure you'll enjoy being part of our community. Happy Stargazing.
  3. Hi all, does anyone know whether the 900 works with the latest version of Windows? I've downloaded the driver but keep getting an error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've spent 2 days trying to sort this out. Thanks Brenda
  4. Now that's sad when a young lad thinks being indoors with an Xbox beats being out there looking at the Wonders of the Universe.
  5. Very good capture Nick, with lots of detail - and the GRS. It never seems to be facing us when I look lol.
  6. Hi from a very wet and foggy North East. It's not going to be much better for the next few days either, according to the forecast. Well I suppose I expected it as I've just bought a ST80 to use for auto guiding and it never fails - new kit and next comes the rain - ho hum.
  7. Hi Mark and welcome to SGL from me. Glad you decided to join the forum. It's very friendly here, full of interesting conversations and some quite amusing banter - enjoy. Happy Stargazing
  8. Hi Dennis and welcome to SGL from me. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  9. Just finished photographing IC5146 (Cocoon Nebula). It's right over the North Sea and low down so it's probably the darkest thing out there tonight from my garden. Will have to see if I actually managed to image it tomorrow - too late now cos (yawn) it's way past bedtime. Night peeps and happy Stargazing.
  10. Hi Avani and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Good to see a new member from a different part of the World. Your image is very good and interesting. Happy Stargazing and enjoy the Forum.
  11. Hi and after reading this thread I think you are getting a lot of good advice. I only thing I can contribute is that I bought the kit in my signature specifically for AP after doing a lot of research I found it to be the best setup for me. The only thing I would change is to go for the larger 200 telescope, which this mount can take. The EQ5 and Synscan are very good and the mount is very stable yet portable. Good luck and welcome to the AP BMC (broke members club).
  12. Hi Billy, and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing.
  13. Hi, I think you may also have a problem with your Polar Alignment. I don't know if your mount has a Polar Scope, but if not not it may be useful to get one as you need to have very good alignment to be able to track DSO etc without too much drift. If you already have the PS then you need to Polar Align through that as doing it through the eyepiece is not accurate enough.
  14. Hi Sara and well done considering the comments above it seems like a 'bit of a mare' to process. To get rid of some of the stars, using PS goto filters/noise/dust & scratches or try despeckle. I also brought Astronomy Tools and that has a reduce star size action. Hope this helps.
  15. Good clear shot of the red emissions. Well done.
  16. Taken using 600D DSLR. Stacked in DSS,Pre-processed in IRIS and processed in PS.
  17. Terrible here in the North East - we have had 3 days of murk and fog, and the forecast doesn't look any better until maybe Friday evening.
  18. I thought I'd post this image as I took the Triangulum with a short exposure and blended it in PS with some long exposure subs.
  19. Well I have to say as a OSC user I was completely unaware that you have to de-bayer the image in processing. When I took my first shots I thought there was something wrong with my CCD as they came out in greyscale, even though I specified colour. After lots of research on the web I discovered that I had to do this 'extra processing' to get a RGB image. I didn't expect that as when using a DSLR the image is automatically RGB. Strangely enough I decided on a OSC because it was 'easier' and cheaper. Next time I buy a CCD it will be Mono.
  20. Sara, I've just checked your Flickr images out and they are fantastic. I understand the kit you use is probably one of the best setups for imaging, but I was wondering which pre and processing packages you use. I'm having a go with Iris for pre-processing, but still have to do a fair amount in PS.
  21. Well done BtB. You have a very nice capture there and have good processing skills.
  22. Hi Phil and a warm welcome to SGL from a damp and foggy North East. It was damp and foggy yesterday as well - I think we have been really unlucky here and the Borders the last few days. My scope is dying to get outside and do something useful
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