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    Also very interested in physics though I am a novice armchair scientist.
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  1. I see that you can get the BST UWA for £ 34.99 from sky's the limit. Easier for me to afford happily, would that be an okay option?
  2. Hi all, I have a Skywatcher 130p explorer and am looking to buy a low power, wide view EP for DSO's. I have a budget of around £40 at the moment that I can use for this., What do you all reccomend? There is light pollution and I'm 43 years old so exit pupil must be taken into account! So, what would be good for that price range and would a light filter be needed on top of it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Well. I've ordered a SW uwa 7mm planetary so I'll let you know how that goes once it arrives and the obligatory clouds clear:)
  4. My bad, sorry. I don'thave the 200p anymore, I have been the rare exception that has scaled DOWN, I am about to buy a Skywatcher Explorer 130p on an EQ2 mount. Simply put, I'd rather have a smaller scope I use a lot than a (excellent) large scope that I can't transport easily. The 200p dob is superb, but I simply couldn't travel easily with it. What I am really asking is - are the skywatcher uwa planetary EPs actually in the same league as say TMB IIs or BSTs? Cost is simply the main factor, with the SW being £37, the TMB IIs at £39 and BSTs at £49. So it's really between the SW's or the TM
  5. Just a couple of quid cheaper than TMB IIs, are they any good? If not, what is the better option? I dont want to spend more than £40 on an EP at the moment but want something in the 7mm range (that I can barlow to 3.5) for looking at planets, particularly Jupiter and Saturn when they show their faces Later I will get a low power Ep for deep space and so on. Thanks in advance as ever
  6. Life seems to be very easy, the extreme places it happens on Earth are proof that what we originally thought were totally necessary for life to happen are in fact just a single way it can happen out of many variable possibilities. I am waiting for evidence that life does not need liquid water, it simply needs liquid something for the other ingredients to use as a medium, such as liquid methane and so on.
  7. All the theorising is superb and we must continue to use our imagination and knowledge to try and predict what is happening out there. Personally I don't think we know anything like enough to truly predict what will happen to the universe, we are after all in our infancy scientifically. We do not know what if anything is outside the observable universe, it could be a timeless void, with everything we can see being everything there is, expanding to its destiny or it could be that outside what we see is even more space with even more events going on, big bangs happening so far away from ours tha
  8. Sounds amazing, makes me even sadder that I havn't had the scope out for a couple weeks now
  9. I lived for a year just outside Coverack ( a little fishing village) on The Lizard in Cornwall, many nights were spent lying outside looking at the stars.
  10. I feel left out, I bought a s/h 200p with a telrad and a few bits and pieces, stock EPs etc and I havn't bought a single thing since! Havn't actually had the scope out for two weeks though as either work, weather or wife have kept me away from it...
  11. welcome, hope you and your wife enjoy the hobby
  12. welcome and glad you are having fun, thats what its all about.
  13. Posts like this make me incredibly happy I took these guys advice and bought the 200p dob.
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