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    Awesome, I just found this site: http://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/ which makes personalised star maps for your area/time, very handy! Now I'm just trying to memorise the planet symbols, why don't they just mark the planets actual names on the maps!
  2. Grant


    Is it possible I was just looking at Mars? South-Easterly Direction, sort of midway up the sky, brightest thing in that direction? Or am I just being a complete newbie!
  3. Fingers crossed for you spud, I hope it turns out nice for you! I'm hoping for some clear skies myself tonight.
  4. That's a real nice looking picture SkyGuy, nice work! I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm considering turning off the advert part on free users images when looked at through forums etc... Does the advert text at the bottom bug you and do you think it should be turned off? Thanks, Grant
  5. Grant

    I see stars

    If your linking from this forum to your image, using the tags, then you will be able to see the image on these forums until you delete it from the Isee Stars site, once you delete it from there it's gone for good, unless you have a backup of it or email me to restore it from the daily backups I make. If you are linking from these forums to an image that is deleted on the Isee Stars site, you will instead of your deleted image see an image saying "This image has been deleted". Hope this helps, if you need anymore help then feel free to either PM me or reply here and I'll get back to you asap. Regards, Grant
  6. If this doesn't work for you because of the way freewebs doesn't let you look at the image remotely then try clicking here: http://www.freewebs.com/astronomyspace/45337-jup1-3.gif then you can see it. Nice job James!
  7. Here ya go, the problem was that the filename contained spaces, which phpbb doesn't like, it needs to be something like "venus.gif". Cheers, Grant
  8. I love both those pictures of Saturn, for some reason Saturn is my favourite planet to look at, I think it's the rings
  9. Yeah it's a really nice looking unit, I wish I could find an excuse to keep it but I barely switch it on, I've realised that one computer is enough for me.... I just like to have 'toys' to be honest, I can see me getting the same way about scopes and I don't even have one yet!
  10. Hi everyone, Just to let people know in case they're interested I've just put a computer on ebay for sale. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5227061953 It's a really nice looking machine and super small as well, ideal to use as a personal video recorder type machine. Anyway, if people are interested then let me know and I could always take it off ebay and sell it directly. Cheers, Grant
  11. No Problems, Under everybodies post is a link to their profile, if you go to that theres a button to show all posts by that user. Makes it a bit easier on the memory. Hope that helps, Grant
  12. http://stargazerslounge.iseestars.net/viewtopic.php?t=113&highlight= Is this it?
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm currently looking for a printer to do a small run of around 500 A5 or A6 leaflets (the size depends on the cost). James is getting me the number of one he knows but I wondered if anyone else knew of others that are fairly cheap? So far the cheapest quote I have is about £50. Or I can get 5000 for about £80, but I just want 500! Thanks in advance, Grant
  14. I've seen films, comedies etc... but not music (unless I'm blind, it's been said before ) I ask because I just <cough>downloaded<cough> the new Billy Corgan Album to give it a listen, it's called the future embrace. It's not as good as The Smashing Pumpkins but it's not too bad, plus they're hopefully reforming! Yay! Anyway, my favourite bands are: The Smashing Pumpkins K's Choice October Project The Shins Bright Eyes Damien Rice Jason Mraz Buddy Holly Dashboard Confessional Tracy Chapman The Buckleys (Jeff and His Dad, Tim) The Polyphonic Spree Pink Floyd Coldplay Idlewild David Bowie Counting Crows Goo Goo Dolls [/list:u] Whoa, that list got long quick, I'll stop now....
  15. Does that mean it works? If you see a smiley face now: then it has worked!
  16. I've just installed a really, really complicated mod to the forum which should fix this behaviour so it work's in firefox and internet explorer, can people give it a try for me just to comfirm? It seems to be working fine for me in internet explorer. Cheers, Grant :cheers:
  17. I've tried this on a number of different phpbb forums, everyone suffers from this problem with firefox and smileys. The way to overcome it is to insert the smiley so it appears at the end and cut and paste the smiley code where you want it, alternatively most smiley codes are relatively simple, so for example: : ) = : D = : ( = : o = : shock: = :shock: : P = : oops: = :oops: : lol: = (Remove the spaces after the begining : to use the codes)
  18. Well that would depend I imagine on which development team you ask
  19. Hi everyone, This template should be quick for all users/browsers now, do we want to change it to the default theme? I'll take a look into your idea Ant, it'd be a cool little feature but I'm not sure how possible it is, because how would people be able to switch back again? It would need to somehow remember what theme they were using before and when you click the observe button, it all changes and it shows a button called unobserve or something which switches you back to your usual theme.
  20. I've changed the template to use an unanimated background, I think it's probably best not to have the animated version at all because I checked, and even on my computer it made the processor run at 95%, I didn't notice it before because it's fast enough to cope, but if I had lots of windows open, or was doing other stuff then it would take awhile to do things. Hopefully this is better for everyone?
  21. Hi, I'm pretty sure this is a problem with the way Firefox's javascript works, I don't think firefox let's websites be able to detect where the cursor is like internet explorer does, it also doesn't let the websites detect if you have selected any text on the page or not, possibly they have done this because of security issues? Grant
  22. I've gotta agree with most of those choices, perhaps not Bilko or the Hitch hikers tv series, I prefer the books to be honest. I'd also add, Have I got news for you Only Fools and Horses Dead Ringers Trigger Happy TV (The first series, it's just not as funny anymore)
  23. Do you think the stargazerslounge forum should be set as the default, so when people aren't logged in this is what they see rather than the cobalt one?
  24. The strange thing is that the starry night background isn't actually that big an image, I think perhaps it may be that it's an animated gif is causing problems with older browsers, this template should be pretty quick for everyone as it users barely any images in comparison with other templates. Tis a weird one, do you mind me asking Andy, what is the spec of your computer? Because it could be the computer speed isn't enough to handle the animated gif, this would be unusual but not unheard of. To fix it, I could always change the gif to be a solid image rather than animated, so it wouldn't twinkle anymore but would be even quicker to load etc... what do you guys think? Grant
  25. Hi Andy, The redGlass theme is now installed, enjoy!
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