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  1. Zambuto Optics. Here are some specs for the 7" Focal Length: 39.2" (996 mm) Dimensions: 10.0" x 10.7" x 20.5" (254 x 272 x 519 mm) Weight: 18 pounds (8 kg) Eyepiece Height at Zenith: 41" (1041 mm)
  2. There is an interesting background to these unique scopes in this link. http://www.teleporttelescopes.com/About.html
  3. Even Tom Noe of Teleport was known to do the same.
  4. He had no such problems and always raved about the design and sturdiness of the Teleport.
  5. The 7" Teleport is an excellent TS. http://www.teleporttelescopes.com. A friend of mine would take it with him to dark sites on the back of his bike.
  6. I would second this. I have one (95/580) and love it.
  7. I have the Baader 580/95, which is f6.1. It has the same dimensions as the original 560/95, f5.9. Visually, to my eyes, I could not see any appreciable differences between the Stowaway 92, f6.65 and the Baader 580/95, f6.1. As for focusers, like many, I generally like the FT focuser, which I have on all my scopes except the Baader. But then, I cannot find fault with the Baader RT Diamond SteelTrack Focuser. I also like the idea of fitting the SteelDrive II motor focuser with controller for heavier loads.
  8. Thank you for the detailed report based on your observations. Much appreciated.
  9. As to the sweet spot for AP, if I had just one scope to keep, it would be the AP 130 GT, with the upgraded 3.5" focuser for the GTX. And for AP, use the 0.72x Quad Telecompressor Corrector. Just my two cents.
  10. Thank you Deadlake for correcting your post from reportedly “…. not as good” to …. Hairs breath….”. Words make a big difference in the message they convey. I am aware that the Stowaway is made by Astro-Physics and Ronald has a huge die-hard, loyal following in the US, so much so that on CN one can say no wrong about AP scopes. In fact, I owned several AP scopes, including the Stowaway, which I sold after getting the Baader 95/580 and still continue to own two AP scopes. My reason for selling the Stowaway and not the Baader TC is, for reasons mentioned above, the former was easier to sell in the US. Doing a quick search on SGL, found the following post. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/322208-travel-scope-baader-travel-companion-or-ap-stowaway/page/2/ If I may quote from the link @Gavstar, someone who has/had both scopes: “I have done a couple of comparisons under the stars. One area I think the Baader possibly has an edge is transmission. On the trapezium the f star is slightly easier to see with the Baader than the Stowaway imo. “ I write this post so as to be fair to Baader, an excellent German company, as much so, as AP. IMO.
  11. Interesting. I wonder what is your source?
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