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  1. Looks good Steve, I do a similar thing but use a Arduino and 8 way relay board, wrote my own control software as well as the ASCOM drivers for the roof control, needed more flexibility than std software offers. It does basically the same thing, my roof has a lock on it so the software handles the control of lock disengagement and roof opening. I use SGP and read the notification log to allow me to disable the IR on the CCTV cameras when images are being taken. I also have various environmental monitoring kit that control when the dehumidifier kicks in, currently on at 60% and off at 50%.
  2. Ah, yes remember talking to 'gnomus' about his flip issues, thought you had got that sussed though. I have had my obs working for a while but use SGP and some bespoke software/hardware to control it and had have a ROR so much easier, not sure I would have liked trying to get a dome to work. Also no ability to restart after cloud which is a pain . Have looked at ACP but cost puts me off a tad.
  3. Is this not answered above?? Do not set 'Reverse RA Guide Mode" is Sitech as SGP will flip the data so don't need set in Sitech
  4. Hi, Don't have this mount myself by just checked with someone who does and uses it with SGP, he does not have the bottom option ticked (Reverse RA Guide Mode...) - this is because SGP will tell PHD2 to reverse guiding commands after flip. Also check that in PHD2 Brain, Guiding tab that "reverse dec output after meridian flip" is UNTICKED. Hope that helps trevor
  5. Totally agree, but weather has been so dire recently the only choice seems to be building hardware and creating the software. Must admit the electronics side is rusty but OK with the software as that is the day job though less VB and more c#
  6. The lack of 'one size' is reason I I built most of my own control hardware and wrote the main control software for my automated setup, I still use SGP but hook into the logs and custom sensor control.Just in the process of finishing off a bespoke ASCOM safety driver that hooks into the AAG as well as UPS, humidity monitoring etc. that will fire an unsafe if more than just the weather turns. I have looked a CCD C, APC and a few others but SGP with my own software offers me the best option personally, the lack of pause for weather and target selection looks to like it may be addressed on the 2.
  7. That may have been me, I did try that - very bad move as just caused the dome to mist up inside. I now use a sealed chamber (with some desiccant bags ) and use a dew heater band around the inside, this works ok but things do get mighty hot if you forget to to turn off the strap on during the day, to that end I now have a simple arduino controller that regulates things based on dew point.
  8. Thanks for all the positive comments on this one, I am very pleased with as it the first time I had used all the filters and actually done a full process of my NB data. I was going to add more data to this but may now switch to a mosaic of the wider area. @jimao22 - these are 5nm Astrodon filters, thanks for the processing comment, is something I have worked hard to get to grips with, far more challenging that the capture side. Thanks again
  9. Hi, Been a while since I have posted an image here, not really done a great deal so far this year, weather and building and Obs has slowed things. Had some issues with the QSI 6120 but camera now back from its american trip, obs built and functioning and 2 clearish nights with no moon allowed a few subs. Decided to give the NB filters a work out and here is the result, pretty pleased the way this turned out with the limited data. The tech stuff..5 x 10m Ha5 x 15m OII4 x 15m SII59 Bias and 19 Darks, 29 flats for each channelTak FSQ 106 + Reducer (385mm FL and f/3.6)Paramount MXQSI 6120Captured
  10. Looking good Rich, having something you can easily move out when setting up is a real time saver, think I go set down to just under 15m.
  11. Thanks, all moved inside an automated ROR obs now, as quick as setting up with box was not having to break it down at the end of a session is great.
  12. Here was how I had mine setup, Rich and I had an email conversation about the setup, thought I would post here as is relevent. I did the same for a while and I built all the kit into a 30L plastic storage box. and in use I just fed the box with 2 x 12v (1 for camera and the other for all other 12v components) and 1 x 19v for the NUC. This left me just the data and power cables to run to the kit from the box and allowed me to keep the USB cables as short as possible. Thanks
  13. HI, These are great boxes for Astro control, been using a NUC as the control system for a yr or so now, upgraded recently to an i7 version as just build an automated obs so it also handles all the obs control as well. They will run off of 12v though I run mine from 19v and connect via Remote Desktop over my wireless network. Can let you have more detail if you want. Trevor
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