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  1. i was surprised how easy it was up load the pics you want stacking press the button to star and thats it, i didnt change any settings its a quality bit of software
  2. That program worked a treat! Did it perfectly it's a poor picture as the wind blew the tripod so the lines are perfect but now I've got it I can do it all the time thanks very much!
  3. That's exactly the kind of image I want to end up with! Thanks! And I'll give the program a go aswell much appreciated
  4. Hi all ive seen on twitter over the last few weeks that people have took a few pictures of the iss flying over and the creating a single image but with all the lines of the iss on it if you know what i mean i was just wondering how to do this i tried to put it through dss with the 3 i took but there was only enough stars to stack 1 image is it a case of the when the dark nights are here i can just use dss as it will pick stars up? or is there a way for me to do it with a bright sky here is one of the images i took the other day that i would like to stack, any help would be lovely Thanks Chris
  5. Hi all ive actually manager my best effort yet to be honest. its stacked well, with the very smallest of star trails etc unlike my first efforts, my photoshop skills are beyond basic and ive hit a problem now, when i change my file from 32 to 16 bit so i can use the curves tool the core of the galaxy just goes very bright i havent a clue why or how to fix it. Im well happy i dont really know how to lessen the orange anymore i only know how to do it in levels but you can make out the dust arms. thanks Chris
  6. last night tonight clear as a bell and the same for tomorrow, im not working monday so i might be tempted to go for orions nebula and jupiter, maybe mars
  7. ive never even done some shorter ones but tbh ive never really had a good go at it before, stacking doesnt go well enough
  8. nope just polar aligned and away i go haha! im suffering from dew now though
  9. ive just discovered i can get 5 min exposures without trails haha! going for that now very orange though
  10. Good thanks I can't really do processing but I know just enough to get rid of orange
  11. Hi all I'm right now sat at my scope trying to image m31, I can get 3 min exposures with no trails at ISO 800, but they are coming out a tad orange, I'm going to do an hours worth of 3 min pics, when I come to stack then will the level of orange on each pic add up to spoil my image beyond saving when it's going to be processed? Or will it be fine? Thanks Chris
  12. Hi all I've just been out doing abit of solar imaging, and I'm going to leave my mount set up for tonight, the weather says sunny and clear of cloud all day, so is it fine to leave my mount covered with a old bed sheet and a bin bag on top? It's the first time I've left it out set up and done have anything else to cover it with, I am looking into a proper cover or somthing that will be more then useful for winter. Thanks Chris
  13. hey there! ive got into imaging this since i returned from astro camp i only managed 1 good shot the camera died before i could get enough to stack im just wondering what you do with darks? how do you take them? i tried last night but dont know if i did it right, and also, i did 10x30 second exposures on it last night aswell, but DSS would only stack 2min of it instead of all the time i had shot for anyone got ny ideas why? bellow is my best pic, it was a single 5 min exposure from cwmdu in wales when i was at astrocamp earlier this month im useless at processing aswell so i havent bothered wi
  14. it got dark enough after i set u to do a normal alignment, as i decided i want to image m31 later as the clouds cleared, so i actually dont know haha! thanks for the replies though guys thanks chris
  15. Hi all I just want some advice about aligning my mount, i already know how to polar align etc im just wondering if i can align on the moon? as thats all i want it for tonight, or do i need to wait for it to get dark and do a normal alignment? could i just rush though it all just to get tracking sorted? Thank Chris
  16. Thanks, will I be able to photograph it aswell using that? Or will I need a different type, which means ill have to choose between visual or photo?
  17. Hi all im going to astro camp on the 7th September and if the suns out all day and no clouds I fancy looking at the sun for the first time, I'm just wondering if there's a certain type of solar filter paper I need for my 5inch skymax or can I just order some and cut it to size etc thanks chris
  18. I've actually asked what power is available and as it turns out I can use a 3pin plug as i have paid for power, ill get a socket at my pitch, I just need a normal conversion lead and an exstenion with the number of plug sockets I need for the things I want to power or charge haha thanks everyone though info was a big help
  19. Im looking to just charge the laptop, It's really more for day use for processing what I do from the night before, I will use it for football manager if I'm bored waiting for It to get dark aswell, I'm going to be in Wales at astro camp, there's is mains power but its only for charging through the day I thinking going to double check this just in case I can use a mains plug etc
  20. Hi all, this may be a little bit off from what should be posted, but I'm stuck trying to find an inverter for my acer aspire laptop first light optics couldn't point me in a direction of one so in in need of some help again, they did however link me to a site that sells caravan batteries http://www.caravantechnology.com/Power-Inverters-C18.aspx gclid=CLuxuaGonbkCFQjA3godIygADQ can anyone tell me if those batteries are suitable for 4-6 hours of power for my HEQ5pro mount? And can any point me in the direction of what ill need to charge my laptop and charge those caravan batteries? It's stressi
  21. to be honest im after something that i can use for years, i will be looking to add other stuff over the years, but will only use the laptop for webcam planets etc while im doing that at home i can charge it home, i think mars and Jupiter will be up too late or early however you look at [removed word] for me to webcam them, which just leaves me my laptop to use during the day to [lay football manager thanks for the info though that's the clearest its been set out to me thanks chris
  22. well i suppose what ever needs to be paid for a battery that can do what i need to and alos i dont know what i can use to charge my laptop, im assuming a car charge take the cigarette lighter off and put clips on
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