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  1. Hi everyone! Ive been thinking about getting a proper solar scope for a while now. basically id like to know the differences if any, either how large or how small they are between a 50mm and a 60mm lunt solar scope. so any info, opinions etc would be very much appreciated thanks Chris
  2. all the files are still being listed as 1 10 100 101 etc ive started the program to see what happens when the time lapse is done, if it doesnt work ill leave it
  3. thas what i was worried about, ill have to go through 753 pictures and rename them 1 by 1, going to take ages ill try that program first though thanks
  4. im not using it for the creation of star trails though, im using it to produce a timelapse video of the sky :/
  5. hi all, ive taken 700+ photos of the sky the other night for a timelapse video, i accidentally renamed them all and now when i out them into star trails to use the timelapse function they end up being in the wrong order, the pictures with a number 1 at the start of the file name all group together, it goes 1 10 100 101 etc how do i sort this thanks chris
  6. I've seen a canon 10-18mm f/4-f/5 I think, I know that you pay the money for how fast the lens is. The biggest question is will I notic the difference if I by a lens that has an f/1 as opposed to the f/4 is the difference that noticeable?
  7. I think i missed off the opening post that if i can id like to stay away from a lens that distorts the image im not a fan of lens that end up bending what you take a picture of
  8. Ive decided that i only want a manual focus lens really, i have in the past left it on auto when ive been ready to take the pictures i want only for the moment to pass as ive had to quickly swap to manual and refocus
  9. 99% of the time it would be for astro use, wide field stuff, ISS passes, star trails and time lapes etc,
  10. Hi everyone Im looking for a affordable wide angle camera lens for a canon 600D. I have seen a few suggestions on other websites suggesting then Samyang 14mm F2.8, everybody who suggests it says its amazing value for money. But im rubbish with the tech side of lenses etc so if people could suggest some lens or point me in the direction of someone who can suggest some that would be great. if possible id like to stay below £350 i could maybe go to £400. im not after something massively expensive i dont really have the time or the weather to get the best use out of it. Any help or info would be
  11. Think theres a couple of crossed wires haha!, im after a wide angle camera lens. not an eyepiece, think ill start a new topic with a better title and opening post thanks
  12. If i can help it id rather not go over £350 i dont want somthing expensive anyway, not got the time or the good weather to get the use of it, ive seen many people suggest the Samyang 8 or 14mm fish eye lens, but if i can help it id prefer a wide angle lens that doesnt distort the image if you get me?
  13. Hi all! Just had my birthday and ive got some pennies to spend, so ive decided to go for a wide angle lens. but, were do i start? i dont want to spend thousands. i have seen someone suggest to a friend on twitter Samyang 8mm T3.8 fisheye which looks to be a good price. but does anyone have anything else to offer?
  14. I do like the idea of going second hand, i could ask them to use the other money to put towards a good wide angle lens
  15. I just though that if the price or "Technology" in the camera is newer/better, if would give me some better results, the camera ive been using is my sisters, hence wanting one of my own. it would be used for astro stuff most of the time both attached to the scope and with lenses.
  16. Hi all! Christmas is almost here and my parents have asked me what i would like, so as the title suggests, which DSLR should i suggest they get me. id prefer to stick to Canon as that's what ive been using for the past 2 years (Canon 1000D). I am nowhere near being a camera whizz, so are there any cameras that aren't exactly expert level but not a beginners camera?. If possible could people suggest a good range of prices for me? with my parents paying i dont want them braking the bank. Thanks! Chris
  17. Hi All!. Ive decided that i want one last blow out from my wages before i get responsible with my money, just come back from astro camp in wales and ive decided i want a H-alpha scope, as you know the views are to die for. But im unsure which to get or the difference in scope between the new lunt 50mm and the 60mm, can anyone offer any advice? . I know theres a big difference in price, so is the jump up really worth it? I will be using it for imaging if that would help point me in the right direction. Thanks Chris Twell
  18. I have the proper ioptron ball head, and what I mean is on the proper ball head there's a gap that the head can alot into to face the camera forwards, I had the have that part round the side to be able to take pictures of Cassiopeia and Cygnus, if you know what I mean
  19. Hi all I got my skytracker a couple of days ago and tried it out last night, but abit confused with how to use it, I set it up and tried to align it, I had to physically mover the tripod to get Polaris in the right place is that right? And when I wanted to take pics of Cygnus and Cassiopeia but to do so I had to rotate the entire silver ring the ball head is attached to, is that the wrong thing to do? Any help would be good as I ave chance to got back out with it tonight Thanks Chris
  20. thanks when ive been out in the past i have leveled my mount pointed it north, set location and time and just skipped the rest, i will have to be very lucky if my tracking lasts for 1000-2000 frames but i will give it ago
  21. Hi all! its a beautiful clear day and as i havent been out with the scope since April! im going to nip out and do some solar work. the problem is i struggle to track the sun for a good amount of time so i can get a large number of frames to stack, am i right in thinking the only way to track it is to put my mount on solar tracking?. also is there a average number of frames to get and stack?, i use my ED80 and my ZWO ASI120MC camera for imaging and i use sharpcap software aswell any tips and tricks would be lovely! thanks chris
  22. hi all why when i use my barlow lens to capture planets does the final result turn out Rubbish? when i start doing wavlets the image gets either all spotty or stupid rings around every thing heres one ive just done of Jupiter im out side right now thanks chris
  23. hi all ive got many hours of clear sky tonight and its the first time ill be able to us my new ASI120MC camera for a long time. so, i was wondering if people have and settings they could share for imaging with it ive one good result so far with Jupiter but i would like to know if i can use those settings all the time? or does it depend on conditions?, also i havent got anything when i use my 2x barlow so what can people suggest?, and if anyone can sugest possible settings for mars and saturn it would be a big help Thanks! Chris Twell
  24. thanks for the help was good of you to do abit of research for me, much appreciated thanks Chris
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