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  1. ive got it to work, it was plugged into the wrong usb port im guessing, the two ports on the laft must be USB3 and the single port on the right side of my laptop must be usb2
  2. Ive gone onto device manager and thers a yellow sign next to the camera, and it says Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API what the hell does that mean
  3. Its just some up with the same error message, havennt a clue whats happening
  4. Hi all My brand new ZWO ASI120MC camera came today but i cant seem to install it, ive got the little cd rom with everyting on it but after i install the driver i got into sharp cap to see if its working and i get a error message saying "error during preview" does anyone know whats happening? could someone who has one installed give me a step by step instruction on how to install it properly so i know im not missing anything out, and i also havent a clue how to install firecapture either, just to see if the camera worked through that. so any help would be lovely Thanks Chris
  5. hi all im attending the astro camp star party in wales on the 26th of april. and id like to rent a camera lens that will allow me to do wide angle star trail images and wide angle timelapse videos. i did rent a lens the last time i attended the star party but its fully booked up this time around, that lens was a Canon EF 14mm F2.8 L II USM fisheye lens, with it being booked up i would like some help to rent a lens that will do the same job. the only other lens i can find on the website (lensfettish) is a sigma 15mm f2.8 EX canon fit fisheye lens, is there much difference between the two? or ca
  6. So how will I know it's a good quality refurbished laptop? Will it say any words or something
  7. It flashed up with a blue screen the other day and now it won't turn on, the bloke who fixes it for me has said the mother board is broken and you can't get hold of them to replace. He's offered me the name of another person who can tell me for sure if the mother board has broken. So I might pop it to him to make sure, but it does sound like it's finished. He did also tell me I can send it off to the manufacture pay up to £100 and they can do a patch type fix but it might not last long, so I'm stuck as what to do
  8. I'm unsure as to a budget really, I start a new Job Monday, 24th march, and I'm not sure of wages as it's an apprenticeship, I'm not a fan of windows 8 anyhow I would be looking for 7 really. What's a refurbished laptop mean? I'm like you really, far from in the know when it comes to computers etc but if that's going to keep costs down for a good level of laptop I'll be more then happy to look into it, as I'm looking to get a planetary imaging camera for the same star party that's priced at £250ish
  9. Hi all As of today 22/03/2014 my laptop could be on its last legs and I may need a new one. I'm attending a star party in Wales at the end of April and I need to take a laptop with me as I'll have the chance to image Mars Jupiter and Saturn, so what are people suggestions. Would bigger be better? Or would a small compact laptop be good enough just to use for planetary imaging and the processing of all my astrophotography? Any info people have would be very helpful Regards Chris
  10. for the life of me i cant find what im doing wrong
  11. i tried movie maker but its not as smooth when you play the video, i keep getting a pop up saying "error writing to AVI file" haven't a clue what to do
  12. I did a time lapse a coupld of weeks ago that lasted about 5 seconds, i used PIPP to put all the single frames together. ive dont 300 single frames to make a longer one, but i cant remember how do it. ive tried already but nothing plays on the final video. does anyone have any idea what i need to do? Regards Chris
  13. thanks, ill probably just be sticking to night time, and the stars, ill give all that ago, thanks!
  14. Hi all im not really sure where to post this, but ive just started time lapse imaging. but I haven't a clue what program to use to actually put the images onto to create the video. So can anyone suggest some programs for me? simple to use at first would be nice, im not bothered about adding music or effects etc, just putting the images into the program to create the video Regards Chris
  15. that's perfect! exactly what I want to do, and I do actually want to start having ago at time lapse as well so nice to know it can be used for that, thanks very much Regrads Chris
  16. Hi All can anyone suggest to me a shutter release for a canon 1000D that I can set exposure, and how many images I want to take? ive been looking round but things get too muddled over the amount of different ones ive looked at, I don't need to spend a lot just one that as I said, I can set exposure times and amount of images I want to take. Regards Chris
  17. hi all My sister got me a star for my birthday and because it isnt listen in the goto handset, i want to enter the declination and right ascension but i cant find how to do it on the handset. can anyone help me out? Thanks Chris
  18. panic over i was using the webcam at prime focus, ive popped the holder the eyepiece goes in and ive got focus, my silly newbie mistakes thanks though for your advice
  19. yep, perfect focus, when i try with the webcam it stops ss the tune is fully extended o couple more turns it would be focused
  20. hi all i am right now in the garden with my ed80 pointing at the moon with the phillips webcam, but as the title says i cant get focus, can anyone help me out as to why?
  21. Hi all ive come across someone on twitter i follow and hes just got a new ASI120MM Camera and it was supplied with a fish eye lens, im basically wondering where to get one be great if someone could help me out Thanks Chris
  22. theres so many clip filters to choose from i havent a clue which to get,
  23. i only do those shorter ones at the moment, but i can get to as much as 6-8 min subs thats the problem, if i do about 3 the orange on my images is not even if you get me its brighter at the bottom of the image then at the top and my processing skills are rubbish really, and the other point ive just thought of is, if i want to tr somthing faint id need lots of shorter exposures with the filter i could go for the longer ones but now you have said the filter you have is brilliant i think ill save up abit of cash Thanks
  24. i know what you mean if they suggest somthing go with it, and around my village where orion rises in that direction ive got the town centre, and where m31 is when i can image it ive got another village in the same direction which is bigger then mine
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