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  1. I was thinking about refurbished stuff if I knew what I was looking for
  2. Hi all I posted another thread about any programs that would with a Mac. However I've decided to go the opposite way and I'd like to buy a laptop that I can use Windows on, so I can use all the programs I'm familiar with. All that will be required of the laptop is to use sharpcap, startrails, registax, DSS, PIPP, and a couple more programs if I need them. It needs to be able to handle big avi files and have the power to stack a shed load of star trails pictures. Any help would be lovely! Thanks Chris
  3. now I've actually had problems with the usb2 ports on the old laptop, wouldn't work with them at all but if as you say the software works on mac i shouldn't have a problem
  4. I've had a ZWO Imaging camera now, just not updated what equipment I'm using on here haha my bad
  5. hi all i recently bought a mac book, and being me i forgot to actually check what software was compatible for it, software for stacking and planet imaging etc. it seems all the software i used on the old laptop such as deep sky stacker, sharp cap registax etc are all window based so can't use them on the mac. does anyone know of any software that i can use on the mac, or suggest a small laptop that i can get just for imaging and processing my pictures etc thanks chris
  6. she didn't give me the info of the location of the star in time for me to get any pictures, but if i do eventually manage to get a picture would you mind if i drop you a message so you can sort it for me? it would be a massive help thanks chris
  7. The perfect result would be the one star I'm messing about on a photoshop trial I've just got but haven't a clue what I'm doing
  8. i never thought of that, that sounds like my best best, thanks ill demo give that ago!
  9. hi all I'm heading to a star party soon and i got my friend a star named after her for her birthday, as I've said ill try and get a picture of it i was thinking the best way for her to always know which star it is was to add some diffraction spikes to it. however i haven't a clue how to do it, so does anyone know any software that can do it? note i don't have photoshop so plug ins won't really work any help would be brilliant, id hate to let her down. thanks chris
  10. my first image isnt nearly as good as that! i might have to try and do it the same way
  11. I got mine from tring astronomy, the bloke who owns the shop goes to the star party i just came back from, i was waiting ages for it though
  12. I was told i couldnt use a dslr with it, how you got that set up?
  13. Hi all! Ive just come back from Astrocamp in Cwmdu wales. after getting help with my new lunt 50 ive got my first picture. its nothing amazing but its mine and im buzzing after the trouble i had when i first got the scope. however i would like to know if theres another way i have to image to get the prominences. as they didnt appear on the screen when the sun was focused, the surface detail did but no proms. is it a case of increasing exposure just to get the proms? or is more sensative equipment needed, i use a ZWO ASI120MC camera Thanks Chris
  14. I haven't a chance of getting much exposure time today, my mount is polar aligned as I just plonked it down to have a play with things, which isn't really going to plan
  15. you may have solved it for me. on the link you posted, the fourth picture down shows the camera screwed to the B600, i had my camera with the eyepiece adapter on like i normally would for planet imaging, ill go give it a try now!
  16. could very thin cloud have a small effect on anything?. as when im trying to focus there's a thin outline around the sun that seems like a haze type thing
  17. Its just so strange, i cant seem to get a sharp edge on the disk at all, ive turned the focus ring as much as it will go in both directions. Im not 100% sure if its set up correctly for imaging
  18. hey all im trying my new lunt 50mm out right now, qith my ZWOASi120MC. has anyone got any tips on imaging?, im unsure if the sun is focused or not. should i be able to see detail on the disc and the edge if the sun is focused or does that come out in processing? any help would be a very much appreciated Thank Chris
  19. Hi all I've taken delivery of my new Lunt 50mm, but for viewing I would like a proper eyepiece. I'm looking at the Lunt 8mm eyepiece as it seems to give a good field of view, or that's what the picture on the first light optics website suggests. Do I need a eyepiece that gives a bigger field of view? Or is it just personal preference? Thanks Chris
  20. thanks! the seller has informed me that a 600 will be better for imaging, and you have all confirmed it for me so thanks very much people!
  21. Im looking to buy a lunt 50mm, there are two to pick from. one has a b400 blocking filter and the other has a b600 what do they do? and whats the difference? i want to know before i commit some big pennies to buying one Thanks Chris
  22. Thats what i was thinking, there cant be much of a difference, hence asking, i dont want to be spending about £1500 for a small difference. im hoping someone will bring up double stacking aswell havent a clue if i need it for imaging
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