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    to name just a few, fishing ,shooting , astronomy and lucky enough to own a caravan site with fabulous dark skies . just started up again with astro-photography
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    West Wales

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  1. Pat mcevoy

    My favourite astro pics

    I could not do this without my Sony A7S
  2. Thanks for the comments I didn't use any filters at all its all down to the dark sky's here in west Wales
  3. Both images are 60 second exposures both are 11 images stacked ISO 12800 TS 65 mm telescope A7S camera With great dark sky's Processed in pixinsight and Lightroom Thanks for looking
  4. This is a re process of comet love joy done in pixinsight 8 x 1 min 6400 ISO canon 6D Sky watcher 200p Thanks for looking
  5. Really nice image well done
  6. No flats sorry Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. This is the needle Galaxy with my new sony A7S It is 17 x 1 min ISO 3200 Skywatcher 200p F5 No darks no lights PS5 and DSS Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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