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  1. Thanks a lot! It's my favourite thing to look at through my scope :)
  2. I completely understand that this image does not do the sight justice what so ever and I am not at all claiming that this is the best photograph of the planet but I was still quite impressed with the image considering it was with a phone camera. I am fairly new to astronomy and don't want to rush into buying a lot of new expensive gear to never use it. I am just simply trying to get a feel of what its like taking photographs through my scope to start with, I wouldn't say that I weren't making an effort. Thanks for your input anyway.
  3. A few weeks ago I saw Saturn for the very first time, it blew me away. The sight was just fantastic, its such a beautiful planet. I couldn't believe my eyes at how much detail I could see, the rings were so clear. I managed to take a photo through the lens with my iPhone. If you haven't already I really recommend buying a telescope, the views of the night sky never disappoint.
  4. I had the most amazing time tonight looking through my telescope. I saw the moon for the very first time and there really are no words to describe the beauty of it! I managed to take a few photos with my iphone 4s.
  5. I am a newbie like you too! Saturn will look absolutely amazing from what I've heard, apparently its the best planet to view I can't wait! I hope all goes well with your viewing :) Justine.
  6. There are really no words to describe the sight! What scope do you have? Justine.
  7. A clear sky finally arrived so I got my telescope and went into the back garden hopeful to see wonderful things. I set everything up, put an eyepiece in and nothing. I pointed my finder to the moon, looked through the main scope and all I could see was a yellowish blob, I was very disappointed (You can tell i'm new to this). I didn't get another chance to try it out again until yesterday when I went my local astronomy group meeting. After 2 hours of talks (which were very interesting and informative) and a bit of waiting around until it got dark I finally got outside with my scope. The seeing conditions weren't too good to start with there were only a few breaks in the cloud, but eventually it all disappeared and the sky was perfectly clear! The people at the group were so friendly and very helpful! I found out that my collimation was out by just a bit and also my finder wasn't at all aligned with the main scope. After everything was sorted thanks to the lovely people in the group, I saw fantastic views of Jupiter and its 4 moons. I was also lucky enough to see one of its moons go behind the planet which was a fantastic sight. Looking through my telescope last night didn't seem real at all! Its strange to think that you're looking out into the solar system/universe, the sights are just breathtaking. I got a pretty good view of many things in the sky last night with several different scopes and I also got to try out different eyepieces which was good. If possible I strongly recommend joining your local astronomical group, it's amazing how many things you find out in just one night of being there and also they offer a lot of help and advice for new astronomers. Justine.
  8. Hi, I received my Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian yesterday and I was wondering if I could get some advice on collimating. Does this specific telescope already come collimated or will I have to make adjustments? And if so how would I do this without a collimating tool? Thanks Justine
  9. My Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian has arrived, I was so excited when I saw the boxes! I built the base before I got the telescope out of its box to stop any confusion with the bits and bobs getting mixed up. Everything was in its own little bag (very organised). The base was quite straight forward and easy to assemble with a little help when it came to assembling the round boards at the bottom, it took me roughly an hour to do so taking my time and making sure everything was in the right places. The telescope itself was easy to attach onto the mount, no trouble at all. Attaching the finderscope was also very straightforward. (The telescope was very well protected in its two boxes) My overall experience with the assembly of this telescope has been very good. All I need now is a clear night and to align everything up!
  10. And thanks again for your help, I'll be sure to post about how I get on with it
  11. When it's passing over is it possible to see the ISS in full form rather than it looking like a bright star in the sky?
  12. Thank you everyone, your help is much appreciated
  13. Hey I'm Justine. I'm new to Astronomy and recently purchased my first telescope the 'Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian' which is due to come in a few days. I have already bought a 6.3mm and a 17mm eyepiece along with the Skywatcher planetary filter set. I was wondering if I could get some advice/tips when it comes to using this specific telescope and any accessories which would improve the viewing. Thanks
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