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  1. The link is not to a 2" to 1.25" but to a T-2 mount

    camera body (no lens) / t ring / t mount - inserted into the  telescope focuser


    as you may not be using the diagonal you may need a 2" long extension tube to use instead of it

    Before buying anything I would read up more on using a camera with your Evo 90mm


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  2. I'll just add it DSS doesn't recognise enough stars at ISO1600 but you can see them in the single images, once registered in DSS you can add the stats manually using the little control window on the image preview, I've done it when I want to ensure to maximise the stars used to stack with, the last time I did it it raised the stars from 8 to about 14.



    Clusters and globulars would be great targets to try. East and West are the best directions and no higher than say 60° max for limiting field rotation. It's a gamble between the murk of being too low or the evidence of field rotation being too high. M44 has great star colours might be a good target as too the double cluster.



    well done, what a capture from your setup you must be well chuffed to have caught that.

    What is going to be your next target?


    I have the same camera and find ISO1600 a reliable high ISO to use. On my camera ISO3200 can introduce troublesome noise,

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