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Sky-Watcher Mercury 70/500 AZ3 canon 1100D iso 3200 exposure 1.3sec X ~800 = 17min26sec in total cropped image

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Photo Information for whirlpool-cropped


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4 hours ago, igorigs said:

@keyboardBlondie Hey there mate! Just one question. Did you have to mod your camera? How did you use it? Looking to buy the same camera..

No it's not modded as i want to be able to use it for regular photography as well. To attach camera to scope i'm using T-ring + T-2 to 1,25 adapter:



As I don't have tracking mount
, I have to take a lot of short exposures with ISO 3200 , with ISO 1600 deep sky stacker often can't see enough stars to stack. And with my scope (500mm focus) I have to take 1.3sec exposures maximum to avoid star trails.

It's my first camera so not sure how it compares to others. Modding it is relatively easy - I saw a youtube video with this exact camera modding, so you just have to search for it and then its perfect step by step guide.

I think i would have to upgrade my rig quite a bit to say that camera is the factor that limits the result i can get.

Its max ISO is 6400 but it feels very noisy to try to use it for astrophotography. But if you have tracking mount these wont be issues you'll be dealing with. :)

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I'll just add it DSS doesn't recognise enough stars at ISO1600 but you can see them in the single images, once registered in DSS you can add the stats manually using the little control window on the image preview, I've done it when I want to ensure to maximise the stars used to stack with, the last time I did it it raised the stars from 8 to about 14.

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The link is not to a 2" to 1.25" but to a T-2 mount

camera body (no lens) / t ring / t mount - inserted into the  telescope focuser


as you may not be using the diagonal you may need a 2" long extension tube to use instead of it

Before buying anything I would read up more on using a camera with your Evo 90mm


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