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  1. Hi many thanks for your reply, regarding the mount I have a 10 Micron that will handles it OK. As this is a new set up I have not had any good skies to set it up, hopefully this will change soon.
  2. Great reply, I to don't have good skies. you say a good eyepiece is essential what do you suggest. Nice photos.
  3. After reading lots of long winded comments on the internet about what I will be able to see through a Celestron 11” HD edge f10 OTA could somebody please tell me in layman’s terms what I will be able to see i.e. both Planetary & Deep space objects Galaxies nebula's etc.
  4. Hi all can anybody suggest a CPU & memory for my new build Computer that will crunch Registax data price wise I could have about £300.00 to spend.
  5. Has anybody in the north east area of the UK near to Hartlepool got ether a Meade LX600 & Meade LX850 telescope that I could have a look at. I can not find any Meade stockists with them on show, and I would like to see before I buy. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all has anybody in the North East of the UK (Hartlepool area) got a Meade LX600 or a Meade LX850 telescope that I could have a look at. many thanks.
  7. can not do this fix as I have now sold my Mount.
  8. Could sombody please help me , when I switch my Starsense on I get this error message Err Camera Statu..the Camera could not be readied for use Anybody know what I can do? Many thanks in advance
  9. Can anybody shed some light on this Auto align system, 1 is it as good as all the reviews say it is? 2 will it work straight out of the box or will I have to do a firmware update before I set it up? Many thanks
  10. Can anybody shed some light on how to connect a Skywatcher AZ EQ6-GT mount to a laptop that does not have a RS-232 port on it. New laptops do not have these on them now. Older laptops had it on as the attached photo shows but not new ones.
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