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  1. After reading lots of long winded comments on the internet about what I will be able to see through a Celestron 11” HD edge f10 OTA could somebody please tell me in layman’s terms what I will be able to see i.e. both Planetary & Deep space objects Galaxies nebula's etc.
  2. Hi all can anybody suggest a CPU & memory for my new build Computer that will crunch Registax data price wise I could have about £300.00 to spend.
  3. Has anybody in the north east area of the UK near to Hartlepool got ether a Meade LX600 & Meade LX850 telescope that I could have a look at. I can not find any Meade stockists with them on show, and I would like to see before I buy. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all has anybody in the North East of the UK (Hartlepool area) got a Meade LX600 or a Meade LX850 telescope that I could have a look at. many thanks.
  5. can not do this fix as I have now sold my Mount.
  6. Could sombody please help me , when I switch my Starsense on I get this error message Err Camera Statu..the Camera could not be readied for use Anybody know what I can do? Many thanks in advance
  7. Can anybody shed some light on this Auto align system, 1 is it as good as all the reviews say it is? 2 will it work straight out of the box or will I have to do a firmware update before I set it up? Many thanks
  8. Can anybody shed some light on how to connect a Skywatcher AZ EQ6-GT mount to a laptop that does not have a RS-232 port on it. New laptops do not have these on them now. Older laptops had it on as the attached photo shows but not new ones.
  9. Many thanks for your reply it is very interesting.
  10. anybody got any feedback using a "Celestron StarPointer Pro" finder scope
  11. Thanks for the info it looks better that a oblong box,
  12. A few questions on Telrads please 1. Will a Telrad replace my finders scope (I am thinking of getting a Skywatcher 9X 50 90 deg scope) 2. Is a Telrad easy to set up (any links showing this would be great) 3. Is there anything else similar to a Telrad that would give the same results. 4. Do you have to stand exactly behind a Telrad with your eye close to the viewer to get it I lined up with the object you need to view (the same way as you use a finder scope) Sorry this seems long winded any answers would be greatly appreciated. I am sill a novice in this area so simplified answers please.
  13. Regards the Skywatchers dual speed focuser it is a low profile one, will this effect eye pieces or will it need an extension tube?
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