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    Trying to get back into stargazing!
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  1. Well now..... Having made my first post after downloading this in broad daylight.... ...I've discovered it's a different animal by nightfall It's a lot more obvious what's going on with a night sky on screen Anyone else remember being a newbie?
  2. +1 Suggest some folks refer back to the code of conduct on here before posting....
  3. This... Is not the kind of input I was after. One day I hope to be a genius like your good self, in the meantime I'll bow to your obvious superiority. Keep up the good work.
  4. Hahahaha, funnily emough my mate at work advocates if I'm having a rough shift to press all the buttons on my machine at the same time - then call the engineers to fix it whilst going for a cuppa....
  5. Thanks for that Martin I'll take a look back home
  6. I'm on my phone at the mo but at home I'm only using it on my laptop. I actually opened it and was presented with a pic of an open field and a location about 6 miles from me! I've got my lat and long but after noodling about and unable to change my location in the given boxes ( the programme would not let me change anything!?) I simply gave up. Frankly, at first look it appears way too advanced for my extremely limited experience.... Thanks for the advice everyone!
  7. Hahaha, it might as well be in Chinese! So complex I really have no idea where to start. Offputting really
  8. Well, after quite an absence, the 'scope is back outside and I'm back on here.... :0

  9. Nice one, looks megga! I have an ace photographer friend who is on a local forum, his sig says ' When I die I hope my wife doesn't sell my toys for the same price she thinks I paid for them!' He loves his gear and pays some BIG bucks for some of his bits and pieces - unknown to his Mrs of course. 'This latest Canon dear? Oh around fifty quid......'
  10. Welcome to a fellow NEasterner! From my experience Keilder is a MUST Mark Johnny
  11. Oh dear, I didn't realise just how long I would end up looking at stuff on here, this place is an incredible resource - I was on here for hours last night then couldn't resist popping back now...
  12. Exactly what Ron said! Jupiter not included in brightest star alignment is a pity - I know it's not a star Us newbies need all the help we can get!
  13. Well the welcome is certainly warm on here as opposed to the windy, cold and totally cloudy weather outside.....
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