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  1. Hmm this sounds like fun challenge to make this summer... I'd need people to send me photos though. Hit me up later this year and I'll see if I cant get this made
  2. I agree with all of the above, but I definitely think that a dob would be great, just because they are so damn easy to use! A nice 8" SCT would be the way to go though methinks. Welcome to SGL by the way
  3. What a scope! I bet you'll have loads of fun with that welcome to SGL
  4. Brilliant! Didn't realise we were in the binocular part of the forum! Sorry! I do love my binos though... They see just as much use as my scope, I just love how easy they are to use. Good for looking for stars that might be able to guide you to that fuzzy. They show up clusters beautifully too!
  5. HST? No clouds to deal with! And I get those lovely images of 13 billion years ago
  6. Ah man! I was gonna buy one of these. Are they really that bad?
  7. Hey guys, I just emailed FLO and they said that TAl have discontinued their legendary barlows! That makes me sad. I wanted to get one of them. Steve from FLO emailed back with 2 potential options, Celeston XCel Barlow Revelation Barlow Does anyone have any experience with these barlows? What other options do I have? I'm looking to spend no more than around £50 but I'll consider things slightly above it if its that good Thanks
  8. Damn that looks nice too. Bit too expensive for my liking...
  9. I like my 2" EP. I have to say I just it 80% of the time. I sometimes switch out when I've found an interesting object just to see what it looks like in my other EPs. The only thing I use my 1.25s for exclusively is planetary but for everything else I use my trusty 32mm (Which i picked up for £30 )
  10. or it's magnitude >.< I don't really understand much about astrophysics, just astronomy
  11. Hey guys, I'm doing an assignment of GRBs right now. I just wanted to know how the energy output of a GRB is calculated based on its distance and luminosity. Thanks
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