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  1. hi...good job. Do you know if the serial ports ok Argo are 3.3 or 5v?
  2. ... you can also export lists from DSO Browser to CSV (choose 100 items per page). I tend to do that, import the CSV into Excel, format, print and laminate.
  3. Thanks, yeah, the foam stands up to the weight of the heavy EPs well. Bought from easy foam.co.uk. holes were drilled with a standard hole saw attachment to my drill, cuts really nicely that way. Lines were cut using one of those snap off blade craft knifes. I full extended the blade and used a sawing action to slice through. I bought 5cm layers.
  4. Here are my cases, since moving from pick and pluck foam to ethafoam. My Mrs saw me taking these photos and asked if I putting stuff up for sale! Erm, no, hahaha. ive got some dri-pack silica gel canisters in there for good measure note the towel..essential for travelling hyperspace ?
  5. agreed, on its own it looks very nice, if a little chunky. One other thing to note.... the red wont be the same colour red as the etalon section on the scope. Maybe not an important consideration, but it might look a little odd. The second batch will be black single speed I'm told. He's quoting ~$50 for delivery, which is more reasonable ! Myself I've have a slight preference for the feathertouch, having had both focussers, and a stronger preference for improved exchange rates....
  6. moonlite just finished first batch , double speed, red.
  7. Does anyone have details on the moonlite ? Picture maybe ?
  8. hehe, yeah maybe I'll beat the stampede and sell mine now for £15
  9. hehe, yeah, I did the same.... Also checked with tring astro who are looking at how they can get hold of some !
  10. I assume this is the one you have ordered .... very tasty ! I wonder if FLO will be getting any in ? https://luntsolarsystems.com/product/1-25-feather-touch-focuser/
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