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  1. This has just made my morning. Stunning piece of work - well done! ~Kb
  2. Skies aren't too bad as far as LP goes. For DSO's I usually start with the 25mm for a nice wide view to locate the object then switch to the 15mm. Whether I use the 8 or not depends on the object/conditions... obviously the more you magnify the "dimmer" the view of the object becomes. As far as Planets go, I start with the 15 and then switch to the 8/Barlow. ~Kb
  3. Hi Johnd, it's around about 140x... I've got an ST102 (Shor Tube 'frac)... (500/8)*2.25 - 140x. Not sure if you've seen it or not, but there's a great thread pinned in General Help and Advice "Eyepieces - the very least you need" that should help you out with your choices for 'scope. ~Kb
  4. I took my first look at Saturn on Saturday night, after giving a friend a quick tour of Jupiter/Mars. Seeing wasn't brilliant and Saturn was fairly low on the horizon which helped nothing. However it was still a great sight. Through the 8mm and 2x Barlow I could intermittently make out the Cassini Division so I was pleased enough. Here's to better seeing and a later night! ~Kb
  5. Glad you enjoyed First Light! Transparency seems to be pretty poor country-wide at present, so in the words of D:Ream... things can only get better! Globs (like M3) should look great. I've been toying with the idea of a 250PX... may be an end of summer treat :-) ~Kb
  6. Did you manage 3am? I've just packed up from an hour or so looking at Venus and hoping some cloud blew through to let me a look at Saturn - sadly not Venus was a nice sight though, easy find. Quite enjoying looking at the planets at the moment; simple to find quick-fixes! ~Kb
  7. This surprised me too. A good number of people have enquired about star charts I've had laying about on the side, then followed it up with "I love casual stargazing but I've never looked through a telescope... I'd like to sometime". ~Kb
  8. Finally managed a good couple of hours observing last night, had to pause a few times whilst some high level cloud to passed through. Early hours of tomorrow morning aren't looking too bad either ~Kb
  9. IMHO, yes, 7mm with your 2x Barlow would be about the limit for comfortable viewing. Buying say, a 5mm, I don't think gives you much useable... 260x I feel would be "over-powerful" (with the barlow), and without you may as well enjoy the relief of the 10mm coupled with the barlow (130x). Didn't know that... great idea! ~Kb
  10. No worries. A 7mm in your 'scope (650mm FL I think?) will give you 92x, 185x with the Barlow. Personally I'd stay under 200x. A 5mm would give you the same magnification as the 10mm with the 2x Barlow (130x), and when used with the 2x Barlow would be 260x... at this magnification I'd have thought you'd struggle with tracking and atmospheric conditions clear enough to make viewing pleasurable. I've never owned/looked through the Celestrons, so I'll leave others to comment on them. ~Kb
  11. Hi Gary, welcome to the forum! I'd personally recommend BST Explorers. They retail at around £49 a piece for the Starguiders, which have a decent 60degree FoV. I wear glasses and find the eye relief to be fine. I'd say you wouldn't want to go much less than 8mm for your 'scope, then use the barlow to gain on this. Other's will be able to recommend other EP's I'm sure. Hope that helps! ~Kb
  12. Not looking bad here, might have a crack at Saturn in the small hours.
  13. +1 for Planisphere's... not sure how I managed to forget that! I'd recommend one of the larger (30cmx30cm) versions. I have a small (13cmx13cm) version and I personally find it a bit small. It's also fiddly when wearing gloves. I'm likely to replace it with a bigger one soon, both sizes are available on Amazon.
  14. I'd make two recommendations : The book Turn Left at Orion - around £19 (Amazon) for the spiral bound version - useful in my opinion. For an iPhone/iPad an App called Distant Suns, there's a lite edition (free) and a pay edition which if I remember rightly is £2-£3. I'm not sure if it's available for other platforms. +1 for Stellarium also. If I was going to pick from that list, definitely Turn Left at Orion and Stellarium (as it's free in any case). It's useful for pre-planning evenings. ~Kb
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