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  1. It's my birthday! Sat in my lovely sunny garden, with champagne and strawberries... BBQ later and if it stays clear tonight, some stargazing too! Perfect day!

    1. Pig


      Sounds Ideal :-)

    2. AlexB67


      Happy birthday, and have a good one :) As I always say, if you can't be good, just be good at it, drinking for example :D

  2. Do you get points for spotting mistakes in astronomy books?

  3. Jaffa cakes taste funny if you eat them upside down!

    1. spektrumdx8


      Never done that,but my sister swears by this,she's says it tastes funny eating it orange side first !!!

    2. long_arms
    3. Rockrae78


      I actually get a really horrible aftertaste if I eat them upside down... Tastes absolutely great if I eat them the right way up! That will teach me for eating in the dark!

  4. Tonight, we've had torrential rain, hail, snow, thunder and lightening, and now the sky is clearing! Say what you like about the British weather, but boring it isn't!

  5. Well, the family have all arrived... Buying the tree today.... Nearly finished wrapping the presents... Just in case I don't get a chance to get back on here before the festive season begins properly, I would like to wish everyone here at SGL a very merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and wealthy New Year!

    1. tingting44


      ikea are selling real xmas tree's BIG ones for £1 lol

    2. Rockrae78


      ARE THEY? I didn't see this until after I bought the tree - spent £45 on it! Gah!

  6. RIP Sir Patrick... Went looking for Caldwell objects for the first time tonight: managed to see 5 of them... All off the Moore Winter Marathon... My thanks to a truly great man!

    1. Venusia


      Went out to stargaze and said a little goodbye to the great Sir Patrick Moore, turned round and saw the most enormous shooting star (meteorite?!!) I've ever seen.

  7. RIP Sir Patrick... Wnd

  8. RIP Sir Patrick... Wnd

  9. RIP Sir Patrick... Wnd

  10. Oh what a night!! (And its not even over yet!!) Cold out, but well worth it... finally got to see M31!

    1. Qualia


      Ay, it was great here as well. A mild, clear and sharp night. Packed up at 3am only because I was too tired to continue.

    2. Rockrae78


      Only just finished now... Managed to observe M42 in greater detail than I've ever seen it, and Jupiter was simply amazing!

  11. got up early this morning to see if I could see JUpiter's GRS, got all set up and waited... until the clouds rolled in just as it was coming into view... Boooooooooooo!

  12. Errrrr, where have all the stars gone? They were there just a minute ago! Can't see any clouds either.... Has someone turned off the lights?

    1. Ganymede12


      Sometimes, there is so much cloud that you can't even see the cloud! Honest!

  13. Seen Jupiter for the first time! Go me!

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