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  1. hi and welcome, great scope.
  2. Does anyone know of a nikon clip in lp filter similar to this http://www.astronomi...ter-system.html? or maybe a t ring that will tale a filter? I can't get more than 25 sec subs from my back yard .
  3. This might sound like a silly question but if i attach my dslr to my scope how would i use filters? do they screw inside the T ring?
  4. wow, that really makes a difference! i'll try some longer exposures next time, just downloaded gimp so i'll have a look at it when i get a chance.
  5. yes I wasn't sure if i should buy the motors for the mount after everything i'd heard but i'm really pleased I did now! I need to download gimp I think, I've only played around with deep sky stacker so far.
  6. I had my first go at imaging last night as well! chose the same target as you but i could only expose for 25 sec before getting orange skies, so took 36 + darks. cant wait for the next clear night now!
  7. Thanks all, not got the motors yet so i'll keep reading up till they arrive.
  8. Can anyone help me please, I remember seeing a thread about fitting duel axis motors to an eq5 with step by step photo's but can't seem to find it again, anyone remember who it was by?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply's all, think I'll just get a cheshire.
  10. I need to buy a collimator (I've left it far too long!) but is a laser one worth the extra money? I've never attempted it before so don't want to mess it up and thought a laser would make it easier.
  11. Allways makes me feel guilty too.
  12. HEEEEEELP! One of the black plastic circular control knobs on my eq5 just split in two ond the other one is starting to crack! Does anyone know of a good replacement, I dont want to get the same again as it only lasted about 5 months. The only other ones I've seen are the flexible type, are these any good? Thanks, Phil.
  13. You could try heading into north wales, llangollen way is suposed to be good but not managed to get there with my scope yet. I live in chester and it takes about 30mins so your probably looking at a 50-60 min drive. some of the lanes around peckforton look quite dark too.
  14. I have the same setup and the most useful thing Ive bought is a skywatcher 32mm plossl for £30, made finding dso's much easier.
  15. Have you thought about Iceland? I've just booked 5 days in november for just over £500, a lot cheaper than norway or sweden. Not sure how much beer costs though!
  16. Its not just about proving things, its about doing things. We may one day be able to mine mars when we run out of everything on this planet. If we sent a probe outside our galaxy how much would that cost? And who would be around to see the results?
  17. Thanks faulksy, I'm going to head out into wales once the nights get a bit longer. Hex, yes I thought about beeston castle area just not sure of a good spot, tattenhall's good for me as the mother in law's there so I'm often in the area but the street lights around her house are terrible.
  18. Does anyone know of a nice quiet area around the Tattenhall / Peckforton hills area to park up and set up a scope without looking dodgy or having real dodgy's turning up? I've seen a few places but they all look like the sort of area's that get visited quite often during the night and I don't want any nasty surprises!
  19. Steer clear of zoom bins, had a couple of pairs and the image quality was shocking in both. Dont know if the offer is still on but i used my tesco vouchers in jessops, they were worth twice as much so i got £60 bins for £30 worth of free vouchers! might be worth a look.
  20. I got 2 plates with my eq5 and put a 1/4 inch screw through the smaller plate (with the head sawn off), hey presto, dslr plate.
  21. Nice write up. I hear what your saying, i spent weeks in my garden not really finding much, then on holiday in southern spain i saw more with 10x40 bins than i do with an 8inch at home! Just a shame I'm new to this so i didnt know the names of what I was looking at, still stunning though.
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